Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What's Up?

Whats up family and amigos?
Here we are another week more feeling like only 2 days have passed. But what can we do. So my birthday was pretty cool, my comp made me a chocolate cake and we brought that to our lunch on Sunday the day before cause the family that always gives us lunch on sundays is super cool and they always make us asado (barbaque). So i feasted. Then they told us to come back on my birthday for a little bit to give me something. We went last night and they gave us completos (chilean hot dogs with tomato and avocado) and some more cake. We wasted a little bit of time there not going to lie but just like an hour..oops sorry. Im trying to use my time the best i can haah dont have that much more! We have been struggling a little after lunch cause there arent people we know to teach. So we have been doing a lot of contacts and looking for names of people on lists. We have a lot of people to teach in the nights and i keep practicing creole but its hard to pronoun haha. At least i can say basic stuff and gospel words that they dont normally understand in spanish. This sector is legit and i know i was sent here for just 6 weeks to finish for a reason. I hope i can just leave it all ready for my companion and the next elder to baptize a ton! haha and hopefully get a last baptism or two. if not, well thats okay too. Im happy with my mission, its been fun and ive learned a ton. And im also happy to come home. Theres a time for everything! Love you all
Elder Farnsworth
                    me being stupid in an alleyway that had a house number but no door haha

Juanito and completos. Hes a sick member that always goes to lessons with us and he hopefully will go on a mission soon.

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