Monday, August 31, 2015

Bathrooms and Hope

Wow sounds fun the week with Grammy and Grandpa in Mexico! Why does it seem like there is always so much stuff going on, birthdays, vacations, people going on missions! haha life is crazy.
So this week we pretty awesome! Seriously, like we just started monday really excited i dont know, a new change and everything but nothing had really changed. We contacted a ton of people the first day and had like one or two lessons. Then we had a really awesome Zone Class and idk just from there on out we starting having a ton of lessons. Well for this sector. We actually had 21 lessons which is like normal for the mission (well the goal is 20 to 30 lessons). We heard our zone leader (Elder Cooper who was Elder Simmons comp and i know him well too) told us about a story when he asked someone in the street for the bathroom and then they taught them and someone in the family got baptised. So Elder Simmons had to use the bathroom one day and we talked with this guy, then after a few minutes, he asked to use him bathroom. We went in and then taught the whole family (2 sons and the son´s girlfriend!) and they are super cool! I did the same the next day and some lady let us in and we talked with her for a while about what we believe! Haha it was sweet. We also extended 3 more baptismal dates and Elder Simmons says its been a while since they havent had anyone with a date. We were just finding all sorts of people! I was so happy the whole week and my goal in the begginning of the week was to develope the Christ like attribute of Hope. Well i think it paid off! And the best part is: we are in the church just before it starts, and 3 haitians walk in that we have never even talked too! They just wanted to find a church! they are so legit and we are going to teach their families this week! All the members greeted them and they felt so welcome. I know this church is true and i know that God does miracle if we just have enough faith. 
And the other elders in our ward had a problem so as of saturday we are in a trio for the rest of the transfer i think...weird but we will get used to it. Our other comp is Elder Paredes from Peru. My third peruvian comp...hahaha! 
Random other story, told we went to play soccer (first time after the rule that we couldnt play but now we can) in Galvarino (in my first ward!) because all the chapels have soccer courts outside. And i saw Hermana Irma (we lived in the second floor of her house!) and Karvic (this really awesome guy that we helped reactivate) got onto the bus with us!!! He told me he is ward secretary and he is going to get sealed next march!!! He has been inactive since he was like 14 years old and then he was living with his girlfriend (another less active member) with a kid but they got married when I was there!! I love them haha they are going to buy a house in the South of Chile and they said only Elder Pinilla and I are invited! 
I love the mission so much its unreal and all of you!!
Elder Farnsworth

Random pic my comp took of me when i was making corn dogs hahaha sorry dont have pics.

Monday, August 24, 2015

So i stayed with Elder Simmons! ITs gonna be a fun change hahaha and his old comp Elder Cooper is now our zone leader and i know him well too!
Wow congrats to Isaac and Katie and Alli for all that stuff thats happening. 
So this week elder simmons got bit by a dog....but not that bad haha but we had to go to the Clinic..but the office elders took us in their car and i love them so it was at least fun..but Elder simmons is fine dont worry. hahah. We had a decent amount of lessons for our sector and a lot of people went to church. We finally put someone with a baptismal date for the first time in a while and he accepted really fast! hes really willing he just has to change a lot of things in his life! A less active family that we are visiting went to the church with their daughter that hasnt gone for a long time! And one morning we helped this Sister move some stuff (just carrying it like a couple streets over in our hands) and then later in the day we helped a random lady wash her car, and gave a older lady a blessing. It was such a fun day to be just doing straight up service. I love service, and the worst part of the mission is walking all day and people dont let you help when you are so willing to help and to teach them the gospel. But it is all worth it when they just let you do it. I love the mission even though it is really hard! 
Elder Farnsworth

 our zone leader Elder Johnson from Lehi Utah!! But he wants to live in Arizona!! haah always says hes gonna get married in the Gilbert temple!

My old comp Elder Pinilla found root beer and bought me one! so i made a float!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Que Pasa?

que pasa fam bam?
So thats sweet about Sid´s friend. Dont think ill be able to go to the temple unless we can go with a convert or to do a tour with investigators but that would be hard to plan. Told Sid that the best thing would just be the office, thats kinda the instructions we received. Not that far from the Temple either (he can just go in the Subway). But if its too hard, dont worry about it. Oh and i finally got the package mom, that book you made is so awesome! i was stoked i love you guys! Also excited news about the temple too, the temple president asked Presidente Videla to let us go to the temple more often so now we can go once a transfer if we want!! How it works is that every last week of the transfer, we will have Pday on tuesday to go to musuems or the zoo or go to the temple! So thats gonna be sweet! And thats so awesome about Jacob Zitar and Isaac im legit so happy. I love them and i love how awesome this church is. Nothing else could make people this happy. We have transfers next week! I think my comp is leaving but we will see! 
So this we taught a sweet family for the first time. In exchanges like last week with the zone leaders, Elder Pope contacted someone with a Rubiks cube cause he knows how to do it really fast. The guy told us to come over some other night and then this week we went with Elder Simmons. They are really awesome and we were praying for a family. (i was inspired by my brother Ammon for that one thanks Am love you!) So we will have to overcome some obstacles but they seem awesome, and any new person is a good thing for us in this moment. 
In the church, we heard a story about a silversmith telling a person how silver is purified. It needs to be put in the hottest fire and left there until the imperfections are burned out. Then, in just the right moment, not to short because it wouldnt get rid of all the imperfections, not too long because it would destroy the silver, the silver is taken out of the fire. The other person asked how he knew when it was ready, and the silver smith said that when he could see his reflection in the silver, it was ready. God has us in the fire to purify us and we need to have these trials. We are truly ready when christ´s reflection is in our face. We will change ourselves until we become like Christ. I loved that story. I am trying to accept all the trials that come to me because i know they will change me for good. I know this church is true and that it is the only thing that truly matters. I love you all and hope that you all have the same hope. 
Elder Farnsworth

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

Wow so the whole family is up in Idaho this week! Haha and my comps family is at lake powell so you guys just kind of traded. The pictures were really fun to see! Id love to go visit there after! Just not during winter haha! We gotta come to Chile during winter because they are in summer :) But ya, this week it rained a hasnt hardly rained the whole year and now it rained more than it has rained for like 15 years. It started Wednesday and we were in an exchange. We walked the whole day in the rain and finally it stopped and we finally entered a house..haha. But we finished the exchange the next morning and we were walking back to their house early (it had rained all night long) and it was raining. The streets were filled with water and mud and they were like rivers! it was crazy im serious. So our district leader called us (i was with one of the zone leaders) and said that the President told them to tell us that we cant leave for the day. Well we were already outside so we just continued to get to the zone leader´s house. A taxi saw us trying to cross a street filled with water and picked us up! He took us to their house and i legit felt like i was in the Preach My Gospel story (sorry if you dont know it, go read preach my gospel haha missionaries should know what im talking about) and he didnt even want money but Elder Pope (ZL from Arizona!) gave him 1000 pesos (like less than 2 dollars). He was really nice but didnt want anything because he was catholic..So we just stayed in the ZL´s house until lunch and couldnt work the whole day. Luckily we live on the 5th floor so its never gonna flood haha! Dont worry.
This week we also had Zone Conference (random fact, we can now play soccer again!) haha but it was a really good conference and they talked a lot about keeping the fruits of our labor and helping people go to the temple shortly after their baptism. President Videla showed the missionaries that taught and baptismed them 30 years ago. You guys dont know Paul Garner? Or someone Wilbur or something i dont remember haha. There wasnt much time to have normal work because of the rain and conference and other things but we had a few lessons. Its really weird going from my last sector with so much work to here were they are wondering what is happening because this sector has had low lessons for  like more than half a year now, even though we are working and trying everything. But it helps a lot with patience and diligence. I know we will eventually see results and fruits, im just waiting for the day. Time is going by too fast, cant believe im on the downhill. 
Love you all! Miss you! 
Elder Farnsworth

The same ''Cerro Renca'' with all the clouds one day and you cant even see the cross or the letters ''Renca La Lleva'' and then another day when the big letters that said ''Renca'' fell because of all the rain and wind!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Wow so you are changing everything in the house! Should be crazy to see it! And thats awesome for Isaac and Alizabeth!! Wow two people in the same ward to Africa!
So this week was pretty good. We had a fast with the mission to find the people that are ready basically and we finished the fast and that same day a lady stopped us and told us she was looking for a church! Unfortunately her daughter got sick right before Sunday but i truly believe that the fast helped us with that. Its so amazing how the Lord works. We have contacted many people that seem so ready to receive us! But we can never find them. President told me one time that there are missionaries that work the earth like plow it and everything, others that plant the seed, and others that reap the rewards. I believe we might be working the earth right now so that in the future, the seeds are planted and the fruit harvested. I know that we are doing everything we can and im getting along great with my comp. Neither one of us really have problems with people now because i think i have finally learned patience and love for others haha so i try to see their point of view and i realize they arent perfect either. It makes life a lot better and i know thats the only way we can have successful relationships and marriages. I love the scriptures, prayer, fast, and Sacrament that all help me to be a better person. I have realized how far i have come in this short time and how much i have to go..but i dont need to be perfect at the end of my mission, thats impossible. Just as close to Christ as i can. Love you all!
Elder Farnsworth

So its been really foggy these last couple of days...and my comp had to have an eye check up in a really rich part that isnt our mission so i took a pic haha. That was Nate Lee´s mish! #clinicaalemana