Monday, October 27, 2014

Ahhh hola familia,
Crazy with all the things that happened at home. Im so stoked for Ammon and would kill to go to the temple right now, let alone with my best friend for the first time. And Sage too, thats sick that hes home! Well sucks for him but haha its cool for everyone else. So you talked with Hermana Stanger? Shes in the office here haha shes the best, but shes going to finish her mission soon! And I emailed Chad and Hunter back! hopefully they got it by now...they celebrate Halloween here supposedly so we will see this week. But no trunk or treat thing here. well like nobody has cars but still, i think they should have something. 
This week we had to go to this super rich part of town for the German Clinic (thats how it translates haha) and there were like all imigrants from europe and stuff and nice cars so it felt super weird. But that was a bummer because It took like all day. Then on Wednesday in Clase de Distrito, we learned that we need to be patient, obiente, and diligent in our work here. This is obvious but its really hard to completely fulfill all three perfectly all the time. But if we do that, we will be doing the work how the Lord wants. 
I got the package! The best part is the Tabasco and Sour Patch haha! Nothing has flavor here compared to how im used to eating! I love it, thank you! And the stickers from Halloween are currently on my Comps scriptures hahah. He wants them there idk. 
This morning, i was listening to music and a song that was ``super mormon´´ came on and i taught my companion that expression Molly Mormon and Peter Priesthood that kids call people that are ``super mormon´´. I was thinking about how stupid it was and why kids are like that. Really these names are being the same as Alma and the sons of Mosiah early on and they are degrading and fighting against the church. We should be more like the sons of Mosiah after wards, and not use anything like this. Respect people that are doing more in the work of the Lord. Dont diss them because they are doing something better than you. Other one of my ``super mormon´´ songs hahah was talking about his mission and testimony. It says something like, my testimony isnt going to come in the mail with my call or on the airplane, but you have to do it now. Find your testimony now if you are thinking about a mission. Dont expect it to come, but do something so that it does come. This is what i was thinking about this morning haha but really, do it!
Ive grown so much already and I see the problems people have here. they need help, and I can help. Im selfish if i dont. Go out and do something good today.
Love you guys!
Elder Farnsworth

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola familia! 
HECK YA IM SO STOKED FOR CHAD! El Salvador! With Will Bolby I think? Sweet! And the package thing you are saying sounds sketch, how can it come that fast. Speaking of which, my package that you sent a long time ago hasnt come still so i think this week. But whatever you want in that package! random candies or something that you got from mexico or i dont know! We have two more weeks until transfers. And thats weird about the photo you put! Vanesa one could be a youth in the ward but i dont know how they would find it and i dont know who the kid is haha. Gilson told me that a whole bunch of people were posting. He knows a little bit of english so you can try to talk to him haha and dad can talk to him in spanish. 
But this week kinda sucked cause we were sick! But just a little bit, like a sore throat and head ache. But Im good now! We didnt have like anything exciting happen execpt we had to return the boot to the doctor at the CCM and we ate lunch there for old times sake and I talked with Hermano Spolmann my old teacher! He passed his english test with really high marks for BYU so hes probably going to go in January! Alli and Katie need to find him a wife haha hes so cool! And we had Zone Conference which was really long again but we got more advice and everything to help our ward and members. 
We focused on two families this week that are really progressing. They both went to church and one of the families wants to get baptised and go to the temple and everything really bad, they just need to get married so we are working with that. They will be so strong when they start living right. The husband is reading like 20 pages of the Book of Mormon a night and is in Mosiah already. And he wanted a Gospel Principals books and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith. Literally just need to get married and change a few things. Its so cool their testimony now. Before they would say that they would never get baptised but they liked us so they let us in. Now it has changed so much. I love working with people here. Its so hard sometimes because people have really different beliefs, but they start to change little by little. We hope to have baptisms with both these families in the future and have two really strong families. Even with the sickness and everything, this week was still awesome because of what we are doing. We taught a class about missionary work (imagine that) and it is literally a commandment. If we arent doing it, you are being lazy and need to do something more. President George Albert Smith said that you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without having done missionary work. Think about it, if you have unlimited of something amazing, are you going to share it? Love the people around you enough to share the gospel.

On a funny note, we got our Zone t shirts from last change finally and they spelled my name wrong and the t shirts were horrible. We paid 10 mil which is basically 20 dollars. For a ironed on Nike symbol. Horrible.
I love you guys and hope all is well at home!
Elder Farnsworth

Monday, October 13, 2014

Found this picture on Facebook, posted by a member in Chile.  Curt said that he went with them on 18 lessons!  Thanks Gilson for the pic, and for supporting the missionaries there!

First Baptism and Failed Tortillas

Hola familia!
Wowwwww so jealous oh rocky point. Thats so crazy with the rain! Ugh im so jealous haha. This family we are teaching here loves Mexico. Well the wife does and she heard that you guys were there and was super jealous too! But thank you for the photos, its almost like i was there! haha Im trying to download them to my camera some how but i dont know. I sent a photo of my failure to make tortillas. Too thick! oh well...
But for this week, we finally changed houses! We are so much closer to where we normally work now and its super nice. The Hermana that lives in front of us is so nice and made us empanadas and like everything. Also is asking what we need! its so awesome. I guess this week i hit 100 days in Chile? The Hunters sent me a letter that said Open the 10th! That was 100 days and it had Pop Rocks and Kool Aid which i shared with my comp cause hes never tried them! Thanks to you guys for that! And also i gave my first blessing in spanish ahh. It was to a baby. It was hard, like I felt the promptings of the Spirit of what to say, just my spanish kinda stopped it a little. I still know the blessing works on the faith so that is what is important. But this week was really cool because there is a member here from Brazil (he actually added me and Dad on facebook so accept his thing and go on mine and accept too!) but he didnt have work this week so he went with us every day! We have literally only lessons with member present! It was so cool to help him too because hes going to the temple super soon for the first time. 
I had a lot of water too this week, because we had a baptism!! My first one and I baptised him. His name is Miguel and he is 11 years old. When he finished his interview with our District leader, he was soooo happy and his cousin who is a little mentally and physically challenged was soo happy too and Ive never seen them like that. On Sunday (thats when the baptisms are here) he entered the water and was shaking. I thought ``oh great its cold...´´ but no it was really warm, he was just so nervous haha. But It was a really cool experience.  
Im really excited to keep progressing in my knowledge here and help more people. Its so rewarding when we see changes and help people in their life. Please, if you guys know the gospel is true, then you should know we need to do more. We need to have a desire to share with other and bring this happiness to them. Help the missionaries, and teach lessons with them! It helps so much. We need to welcome new people to the church and help those who have fallen away. Keep doing all the stuff you already are and more! Love you guys, enjoy your week! I pray for you guys and everyone back home every day!
Love Elder Farnsworth

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hola Familia!!
Oh my its already PDAY!! But this week was so cool! Well mainly conference but ya ahha. To answer your questions first, Conference for us is everyone in the stake center for every session because there arent a lot of people with televisions and cable. And there is a seperate room for ingles. We went to two sessions in english cause my comp wanted to hear it and the room was full for spanish!! But for spanish it is just a voice over of the english. Except the 2 spanish talks!! And i understood more or less everything in the spanish sessions. 
The grand canyon sounds amazing and I was thinking about you guys the whole time! Super jealous and crazy good job dad! Less than 12 hours is good! I definitely want to do it a lot more when I get back. AYYY CHAD! Heck ya im so stoked. My guess is Germany for sure. Let me know! And im so mad, are you really going to rocky point this jealous again. But have fun! I havent got the package but I did get a letter from you guys, Dear Elders from Papa and a letter from the Hunters that says I cant open until this week! So im excitedly waiting that day. 
Elder Sovero´s foot is still so-so. We are moving houses this Wednesday I believe so i am excited to live closer and everything! 
This week we went to families as usually. One day, we went to one family and they gave us completos, and right after we had a meeting with another family, and they gave us completos! But some how I weight like 15 pounds less than the end of the CCM already and like 20 in total! They are so nice here, well some people haha. This second family that gave us completos made us balloon shapes (like the circus cause the dad knows how to) and made me a Mario and Elder Sovero a motorcycle! Haha that is the picture. oh the other picture is we made fried ice cream and french fries so i had to take a photo! Shout out to the HAKES for fried stuff haha. But this family is sooo nice. They have this HUGE cook book of like cookies and stuff and we likes some of the recipes so they said they were gonna photo copy all of it! Thats so much pages and stuff. So thats why i want one of our cook books from home to give to them. Its in english but they can google translate and I dont know haha its a problem but oh well I wanna do something.
We were really excited because they said they were going to come to conference and another family too, but last minute they both back out. We were so upset and stuff cause they are so good! But President Monson talked about how we are going to have hard time and walk the path of the Savior. He walked the path of disappointment and we will too. But also, he walked the path of service and love. We need to serve the poor (physical and spiritually poor). I believe it is Nephi, but i think Alma says something too, but they say, My tears watered my pillow at night for the unbelief of my brotheren. I understand. It is so painful to see potential not fulfilled. It is hard to have people not progress when you have so much faith for them. But Christ has the same for us. We have so much potential and fail so much. He has all the faith in the world, but we still have our agency to choose to follow Him or not. Please dont make the Lord weep and mourn for our wellbeing. Make Him rejoice in our successes. Make Him proud of our actions. We are the only people that can change ourselves. Choose now to live for our Lord and Savior. Decide today that you will live how God wants. I love you guys and Im so proud of what you are doing!
Elder Farnsworth
Have fun in Rocky Point send photos!