Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello and Happy New Area!

What up fam bam here i am in Independence Missouri.
Sike. Im in a place called Independencia (both the ward and zone is called that). Its close to the mission office and downtown Santiago. I have never been really close to here. And here´s the best part, im whitewashing! Haha my companion is Elder Chire. He is from Guaras Peru (my 4th peruvian companion). I think Tyler was here in independencia but i dont know if it was this sector. Ive been to the church here before for zone conference. Its one of the biggest chapels in santiago i think but it sounds like our ward only has 50 people. Elder Paredes my old companion has been here for the last 6 months and he knew somehow that i was coming here (maybe because our little friend Elder Simmons is AP) and he told people that i was coming. So yesterday we just showed up and contacted whoever we could. We didnt have anything to do cause we didnt have time to really look at the area book. But lucky a member called us and helped a little and we found a kid in the street thats a member and always went with the missionaries. God helped us a lot haha. And the sisters that are in the ward called us and asked us to give 2 blessings to 2 different sick babies (their investigators daughters) and we went with them to the first one with our ward mission leader and to the second one with a guy that went on his mission like 9 months ago but had to come back a little while ago for his leg. But hes leaving soon again. So we were able to meet a few people. Well i dont know what else to really say haha he we are for the last change with my boy Chire who´s going to kill me. The ironic part is that the biggest cementary in santiago is in our ward.
Love yall 
Elder Farnsworth

Sorry dont have a camera cord to charge it...ill buy one today hopefully

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