Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter to all..and to all a good night?
No mom i didnt get the package but its all good, the Chileans all gave us chocolate eggs. Here they dont paint eggs or hide plastic ones, they make tiny chocolate eggs haha. So that family is just a family from the branch that is really cool and the dad works in the north so we took a picture cause we didnt know if i was goingto be there after. But i stayed with elder Halter ! im gonna be with him until may 8th then we will see. I also got my leather scripture cases for my english scriptures (the scriptures i dont have haaha) but they are really cool. And the other pic is with some members eating some bomb ice cream. Maybe like the last one cause the weather is changing. Its getting colder and we are in the coldest part of our whole mission. Gets like below 7 degrees celcuis i have not idea how much that is but cold. for me at least haha. and on bike should be fun. But that is only in like July so im okay. Right now its like night temperature but during the day i gets hot still and the night cold so its weird. not like arizona..Elder brady finished the misson and his parents came and got him and i met his parents cause they came to church in Batuco (he was in a couple branches in this district). 
We taught a hatian yesterday for the first time in a while so that was cool haha. Batuco is weird...it has a lot of foreigners and a lot of people that have lived here their whole life..The family we are teaching went to church and they liked it a lot! Well it was the second time they went but still. We had a lesson with them last night at they recognized the peace that the book of mormon brings! poco a poco like we say haha step by step. Its hard here not gonna lie but we just got to keep looking. We spend hours some time in the street talking with whoever we can when there is nobody that will let us in. There arent even that many less actives that let us in and listen. But thats how the mission goes sometime! 
Love yall
Elder Farnsworth

                                                                the scripture covers

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How are there so many changes with people..marriages and missions and moving. Every single week...hhaha but here in Batuco there arent Changes! Not for a week at least. Let me explain. The MTC was made 3 weeks now in stead of 2 for the spanish speakers. So, we dont get new missionaries here for another week and President Videla just left everything the same until the new missionaries gets here. The only problem is with the missionaries that went home. So some missionaries are just going to be in a random sector for a week haha but nothing changed with Elder Halter and I until maybe this next week. Ill let yall know next tuesday! 
Shout out to the Pleasant 2nd Young Men! You are the best, seriously. Surprise Box, love you guys, cant wait to see all of you soon! 
These past weeks we have done more service than my whole mission combined haha it has been so fun. Painting, sawing logs, smashing cans, fixing cement pillars, fixing wooden fences, mixing cement manually, etc. Its been a great experience. 
We really are focusing on just find new investigators. We have a few people to visit that are really good but we dont have like anyone to visit in the afternoon. like all of them are in the night after dinner. I mean thats typical but its more extreme in this sector. We have been sharing the pass along cards of Hallelujah with everyone! Its a great video, go watch it and share it on social media! Ive been reading Jesus the Christ about the ´´Semana Santa´´ or Holy Week and everything Christ did in the last week of His mortal life. Its incredible. I love studying His life and learning more every day. 
Love all of you 
Elder Farnsworth
                                                       Random selfie with my boy Haltercito

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well another week another letter.
Yes this is transfer week. Should be interesting, i may find out what my final sector will be. Or i may stay in Batuco City. But its whatever. Haha 2 more changes left. This next one will be 7 weeks long because of the MTC change. So this week we had a conference in Lampa (a close town) but it was a transmission with all of Chile and some general authorities spake including President Nelson, in spanish! Haha in our building, there wasnt the sateliete so it was through internet and it kept failing...but oh well. We were hoping than an investigator would be able to get baptised this month but he needs to attend church more times before he can and its probably okay because he should read some more and prepare himself a little more. But in Abril he definitely should get baptised. And we do keep visiting that family and we had a really good lesson with just the father last night and he has a few doubts but wants to know and believes in most of the stuff.
We had a ton of service this week. We were smashing some cans with a little hammer mallet thing to help someone that sells the cans, and then that same day we helped someone mix 3 bags of cement (they dont have cement trucks here and sometimes they have little machines but they didnt and we did it ourselves with shovels), and then we met an inactive lady in the night and she had a broken cement and brick pillar (a truck ran into it) and we put it back in place. Later this week we  went about and stuccoed it without having prior experience hahaha hopefully its all good. And we are going back to fix the other part and repair the wooden fence. Service is legit its so fun and we can  help some people that cant do it themselves. We also painted with Nayareth and her family in their house that they are going to sell. 
Its been a fun time here in Batuco. There have been a lot of good times and some hard times like the whole mission. I hope this Branch and district grow to become a stake and ward and that more people here can get baptised. We went to Colina (another town close) and did divisions with the young men from the whole stake and their leaders and visited people and made contacts for the whole morning. It was a pretty fun activity! Love this work and the mission and this country. Love all of you guys too and hope that you can do your part in your own wards and missions! 
Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Parable of the Fisherman

Wena wena familia,
Sorry i may have turned into a chilean flite (gangster) in these 20 months but what can we do. So ya Nayareth got confirmed and all good there. This week was cool like it always is haha. Maybe only got 2 more weeks here in Batuco but we dont know yet. 
So i dont know what new to tell you so im going to send a rough draft of the original Parable of the Fisherman (Author elder farnsworth) hahahaah. I was just thinking one morning and made up a comparison of the mission (or life) and fishing. So one fisherman goes out with the ambition to catch the whole lake but doesnt prepare himself. He goes with an old rod and the wrong kind of line and a reel that doesnt work with hooks made for the biggest fish in the world. He gets impatient when he doesnt catch anything so he changes to the other side of the lake thinking that there he will catch more. He isnt patient and only tries one kind of bait. The sun gets to him and he wanted to change to the shade. when he gets there, it starts to rain and wants sun but there isnt any more sun. He ends up going home and cant be happy with his day, even if he maybe caught a few fish. BUT, another fisherman goes out prepared. He fixes his rod and reel, studies what type of hook, line, weights, and bait to use for a specific fish. He knows its not going to be easy, but he is ready to suffer with patience. He might changed spots on the lake but only after giving all he has. He tries multiple baits and even changes his hook. He catches the same amount as the other fisherman but knows he did his best and that he cant force the fish to bite. 
We can decide to prepared ourselves and change our attitudes. If not, we are going to end up frustrated and give up and not even recognize our results. But like Nephi and his family lived after the manner of happiness (2 Nephi 5), even though the lamanites were angry under the same circumstances, our decisions and attitude can change everything. 
Sorry if you dont like fishing but it made a lot of sense to me haha love you all be patient in your lives or missions or trial. Be happy!
Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Baptism!

MOM! im not writing early today haha. We went to Santiago and went to the Downtown basically to this really cool fair thing that sells a bunch of typical souviners from Chile and i wasnt planning on buying a lot but i did haha but i got some RECUERDOS and somes gifts for all of you! Got to go back to spend more money haha you only serve a mission once! But it was really fun but tiring and we are just getting back to write and then pday ends basically. Sounds like a great week, so glad you are liking being relief society. Well at least surviving it! The key i figure is just follow the handbook and the spirit! Wow katie and sid are the worst for going to mexico haha.
This week was legit. We had to do a ton of stuff like a Area wide conference with Elder Bednar (we watched the live transmision). Was that this week....i cant remember im so lost haha. And we went to do my visa thing so that was fun .....not. but oh well. And we had the baptism! it was legit. She got another week to prepare and she had such good questions. She understands so much. Someone told her that she had to look forward to wearing white again in the future in her sealing and she said uhh no im going on a mission first haha! Her mom and sister and friend went to the baptism. Shes inviting everyone and more friends are going to go to her confirmation the next week. (Here, people get baptised on Sunday after church normally so they get confirmed the next week). We met a new guy from Ecuador. He saw us going into our house in the night and called us out. He was a eternal investigator (his own words) in ecuador and he moved here to santiago 2 months ago and got baptised. He got to Batuco this week! He has already gone with us to a lesson! Pretty cool. I might get changed out of Batuco in 3 weeks but at least it is starting to progress a little more for the missionaries that come. Love you all and my Savior. Id be lost without Him.
Elder Farnsworth

Uhh technical probs with photos sorry elder halter is sending some so ask his mom!!