Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ya mom thats true what you say, stuff always happens for a reason. I always know when an investigator is going to fall through on us because the member we call (in every experience ive had) cant go. Haha like the member cancels on us and i just know, well, Gods got something in store for us so lets see!! Wow i wish i could just remember that every time cause if we look on the negative side we get depressed or down on ourselves and the spirit quietly flies away haha. This week was pretty cool. I was so stoked that we were going to have 8 investigators in church because they all committed with us. 1 showed up. But, we have priesthood here first, he went to priesthood then dipped out cause hes kind old and got tired so thats ok. But the rest...bleh. Oh well haha next week right? I just want to see this ward change for the better in these next 4 weeks, hopefully some baptisms obviously. Elder Chire is really good at teaching and President Videla actually told me that hes staying to take my place as district leader next change. Wow so like always theres a lot to tell but i dont really know what..We found an awesome family from Bolivia yesterday when we were with our homie Cristian (young man recently reactivated) and she let us in and we taught her and her little girls. The kids just came right up and listened before we could even invite the whole family. Her husband works until late but we will meet him soon hopefully. It was so nice to teach them after contacting and being lost the whole morning and afternoon. We watched Meet the Mormons in the chapel with investigators and members like 30 people all together. And we had a mission conference with Elder Walter Gonzalez (area president) and me and my companion played the roles of investigators/less actives and he and his wife were missionaries haha it was cool, we did it in front of the mission. Well half. But we learned a lot and we applied the stuff he taught in the first lesson after the conference in the night. 
Love you guys lots thanks for all the letters for my birthday haha last week of being a teen i guess! 
Elder Farnsworth


We went to go play soccer and football a little today in a sweet field with another zone and had a mini asado that me and the zone leader prepared cause i dont really like soccer..haha

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