Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hey guys-
what happened, why is it tuesday again? oh my gosh its going so fast i dont even know whats happening. I wake up and then 30 minutes later i go to bed. 
So this week was pretty rainy. But with a trusty broken umbrella that i found in the house i stayed nice and dry. We found another house where a bunch of haitians live. Here the old houses are pretty big but they are really weird i dont know how to explain. They have like patios and different parts of the house. And people here remodel the houses to turn it into like a bunch of apartments. So foreigners just getting here always live in a small room and share the kitchen and bathrooms with a bunch of other people. So every time we go to these houses, there are generally like 2 new haitians that get interested and listen. The problem is finding them all again cause they work so much. But yesterday we met one that knows spanish super good and he got baptised in the domincan republic. Hes less active probably because of the move but he is super cool and he was translating everything for us! Im almost certain there are more foreigners in our ward than chileans but oh well. My companion is super funny like theres never a serious moment with him hahah. Its getting really weird, they just sent me the schedule for my last week here and i just had my interview to renew my temple recommend. I love you guys a ton and cant wait to see you soon! 
                                               Curt's companion having language study

Pic with Marlene Aro, a bolivian sister who is super cool but she moved this week. They have an awesome story that ill tell you later.
And i found Frodo Baggins door in the Shire.

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