Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The mission president there is still that big tall guy? what mission are we even a part of haha. Here everyone knows what the mission is called because they have EFY and activities and stuff with all the youth in the whole mission sometimes (They cant choose their EFY weeks or anything). And here in the District, everyone knows President Videla because he technically has the keys for the District. wow my comp is from like North Ogden area! they wont be in the same stake obviously but they will be close. We have transfers in 2 weeks. Probably getting changed, if not elder halter is. its not really normal to be 3 changes let alone 4 changes together but we will see!
Today we got to go to Santiago and Elder Halter bought a guitar! Hes a pro haha and we were walking and i say ``we havent seen anyone i know, i always see someone i know in downtown!`` and 4 seconds later i see the ward mission leader from my first ward! haha we talk and then we keep walking to go get lunch and someone pushes me from behind and its MARCELO PINILLA my old companion haha but he finished the mission awhile ago and now hes in santiago trying to find work! So i invited him to eat lunch with us and we go to the peruvian restaurant that we always went to with elder paredes and sure enough, elder paredes shows up with his companion haha! Fun day.
This week, it rained but not as much. We continued contacting a ton of people. We have met some really nice people that hopefully with be investigators this week. And we have met, as always, some really rude people haha but its just funny now. I cant believe ive been here for so long. Ive been doing this like my whole life now! nah haha but the end is coming fast and fast and i have bitter sweet feelings. Theres so much stuff i miss and stuff im excited to do but i know im going to be leaving behind something that i wont be able to continue in the same way afterwards. Its really hard sometimes but theres things that i cant explain and things im only going to experience in the mission. I love the gospel so much i cant imagine a life without it and i just wish everyone would accept it but we know that not everyone will. Love you all see you in skype soon! 
Elder Farnsworth

                                               Look closely....there's a missionary by his bike

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Feliz cumpleaños papá te amo mucho aun en tu vejez jaja celebra tu día y tambien tu vitoria del año de trabajo!
The english classes keep going, but this week there were only 5 people because it rained a ton and Chile kind of shuts down when i rains. And ya elder Pinilla went home a long time ago. Elder Williams is about to go home and the rest of my companions are in the mission. Wow Zach left right before me right? They give us the travel plans too but i think it is in the last transfer. 
This week like i said, it rained a ton. Its kind of getting cold. Some days have been cold and now its warm. its the worst. The springs and autumns here have extreme temperture swings, not just general cool weather..But it was still pretty fun. a river that goes through Santiago over filled but im not anywhere close to there so...we just have a few streets in Batuco that are filled with water. There isnt a lot of drains here. We decided to leave the bike a few of these days to talk and contact more people and almost got to 100 contacts in the week but the last night it was raining a lot and nobody was in the street or coming to the door so we called an investigator and went over there. It was pretty fun the whole week. I do get a lot more tired walking now that im used to the bike but its all good haha! And today we just cleaned the house..boring but theres not much to do here. Now our little cave is nice and clean. 
Sorry, cant really remember anything else specific but we have been relistening to the conference talks and there are so many good messages and i am especially grateful for this conference probably more than any other year, really understandng the messages and listening to them a lot. 
Love you all. see you in 2 months haha
Elder Farnsworth

Oh ya, the Sister missionaries in the branch had some baptisms and the guy that was going to baptism them couldnt come so they called us right before church to see if we could do it. So that was fun. Selfie with mah boy halter

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yes mom i got the package. Yes mom i ate all of it within the first 4 days. Sorry. There just arent jelly beans and jerky here (well they arent the same). Wow so this week was cool. The main highlights were Zone Conference and starting English class!
So Thursday we got up and luckily a member took us on the way to work to Quilicura (to my old church building!) where we had the Conference. It was a good day and we learned a lot. I got to see Elder Simmons who is the Asistent to President now! and Elder Paredes and some other people. And since we have it every other change, all the people who are leaving and this change and the next one (me) give their last testimony. I was the very last person..haha it was awesome though. Then trying to come back we kind of got lost finding where to take the bus and i saw 3 people i know from Quilicura! 
On Saturday we had English Class. They have a Facebook page for batuco citizens and Nayareth (a convert) helped us by putting the announcement up. There were 25 people in the class! it was legit ive never had a class that big. only like 10 people max. But hopefully this is the key to get confidence here in this little town haha now a lot of people have been in the church and know what it looks like at least. 
Last night we went to this other town to do a baptismal interview for 2 investigators of the sister missionaries. The only problem was it was night and we were told the dad was going to take us home in stead of going in bus 40 to 60 minutes. But the dad only took us to the highway where we waited for a bus at like 10 oclock hahahaahaha it was an adventure we got home without a problem. Tired but todo bien. 
Love you guys, love this church like always and i know it is true. There is no doubt no way that its wrong and i hope all of you can know that too. 
Elder Farnsworth

Pday with the Zl and Elder Terry from my group and Elder Mackay
Photo with Maxi who is going on the mission sometime this year but he broke his wrist this week ...ha

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Conference Weekend?
Oh thats not a normal holiday? haa I felt like it was. We left the house on Sunday morning and i saw the Feria (fair, farmers market type thing that they have certain days every week) and i thought, wow they even have Feria on this weekend. Just for a split second until i realized all those people had no idea a Prophet of God was about to speak to the world! Here the sessions were at 1 and 5 and the priesthood one at 9 oclock at night so we did watch all of them. The problem is that here in Batuco we just watched in our building with the members instead of going to the District Center which is farther away. And in our building, we dont have Satelite like the stake centers so we had to watch it over internet and it kept cutting out and pausing but still! Saturday morning we helped President Christensen (branch pres) push his car from the mecanic that was around the corner of his house haha and then we got everything set up with the projector. And sunday morning we also helped cutting onions with him and his wife for the lunch that they made for the branch between session. It was funny because elder halter had never cut onions before and was saying it was the hardest thing he had done on his mission! We were all crying from cutting like 15 onions haha. 
I cant believe it was my last conference in the mission but it was awesome. There were some cool talks about temples and things we dont normally here like that talk dedicated to the refugees. In the priesthood session we were laughing pretty good cause we saw the guy doing the opening prayer pull a note card out of his suit as he starting praying. Poor guy was probably nervous! 
Well Batuco is interesting as ever. We keep teaching this hatian guy who is pretty cool and the other investigators. One investigator is so close, he just needs a stable job to go to church and take the final steps and he can get baptised hopefully with his 2 oldest kids. Cant believe that im almost finishing but he we go. I give my last testimony in zone conference on thursday because next transfer there isnt zone conference. Love you all and i know this church is true and the only one with living prophets and apostles.
Elder Farnsworth