Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What up fam bam here we are another week! wow there are a lot of stories but i really just dont know what to tell you haha. its been pretty crazy. stressful, but fun at the same time. there are very few members here. but theres actually quite a few cool guys that go with us all the time so we had a lot of lessons with member. My companion is freaking out cause we didnt have a lot of lessons according to him and we had a good amount according to me haha the differences between our last sectors. Mine was one of the slowest hard sectors and his was Los Andes, relatively far from Santiago where everyone lets you in. But its all good, i do know that we can have a lot more lessons but we have to find some people first. There are a ton of haitians and peruvians in our sector. Well this whole part of santiago.
On sunday we got to church and 6 haitians were sitting in the church. We talked to them and they just showed up alone, but they are from the sisters sector..and here they start with priesthood and have sacrament meeting at the end. then two of our investigators showed up too. I taught gospel principles about baptisms and one of the haitians asked when he could get baptised haha! Then there was two confirmations in the sacrament meeting of two people that got baptised last week. One was a haitian sister from our sector. The bishop confirmed the first guy and then pointed to me to confirm Marie (the haitian). She is the ONLY HAITIAN ive met with 4 names and i couldnt pronounce like any of them but i did it hahah. Then we blessed the sacrament. haha doing it all! but its fun, keeps you on your toes.
well thats about it, ill tell you more stories in 5 weeks haha and my companion records a message every night so i will forward those to you and dad and sid can translate haha. Love you guys! 
Elder Farnsworth

Elder Chire es loko
And the Zona Colina upside down

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