Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The MTC group

Elder Jensen and the Latino Roommates

MOM!! Haha it says sent from my Ipad at the bottom of the email, i forgot you got an ipod! Ugh we are emailing first today and there is a rule that we cant take pictures except for during p day so i only have one. We never get to leave here except for Exercise and two hours of p day. But during our last week here next week, we go to the park and proseltye. Then on Friday of that week we go to the ghetto on splits hahah its going to be sweet. Sid! what the heck man dont get hurt! Haha man that sounds fun. I miss the outdoors so much. i hate cities and being indoors so im so glad i got called to the North mission. We said bye to our Latino roomates early this morning. Sad, they were fun guys. Spanish is coming really well! I can teach the lessons easy enough but basic comminication is a little harder because they dont really teach us that... sooo i dunno. But i can understand most of the time, except if its like a janitor or other worker that talks really fast and slurred. Im already talking in a Chilean accent and i drop my S sounds already haha oops. I got your letter on Thursday or something i think! about 17 days. It was super awesome to get that. Ummmmm but for other questions, my clothes are all good, except like one pair of pants is hemmed high for some reason? so ill figure that out. I missss pizza so much and crave all sorts of stuff..especially mexican food. I hate the food here now. It is the same nasty stuff every day. But even the teachers hate it so at least not all the food in Chile is like this. Wow is crazy how long ive been here but how short it feels. Im sending a letter today so it should be there when im like in the field! haha wow miss you guys heappppps everyone. Its not the same here but all the people in MTC are like another kind of family. But its never the same you know. LOVE YOU 

Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Im good, we just got off from P day. I got a hair cut hahaha i might be able to send a picture! But its sprinkling here a little bit. We got Latino roommates this week! One is from Peru and the other is from Argentina. They are hilarious. We kept all the same teachers but moved rooms! so we have a window now, thats nice. It was super foggy the other day too. There are a lot of new people but i dont know any of them. A couple from Arizona but I dont know. We go to the temple on Thursday. One of our roomates hasnt been through ever before. But this week as been really pretty much the same...the CCM is pretty boring most days. Its just hard work all day. 
We taught our toughest investigator this week and we have been really struggling with him. But we just read out of the Book of Mormon with him and the spirit was really strong. We commited him to Baptism and hes progressing. He doesnt want to pay tithing but we will sort it out. Even the teacher who plays the role of the investigator said hes never felt the spirit like that when we read in the Book of Mormon and taught him. It feels so real. My spanish is still coming well..I dont have all the grammar even close to perfect but i have a lot of words that i can use, and they can understand. It all seems the same here so ask any questions...


Elder Farnsworth

                                                         Picture before hair cut!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

HI MOM. I sent some photos to Dad and Sid already, hopefully ill send more. Home sounds so awesome right now. I miss my friends big time. Nobody here is quite like them. But the guys here are all good. We just said bye to a bunch of cool elders that we came in with and including Latinos cause they only have to come for 2 weeks (that includes Elder Garner that we met in the airport). Tell people to send me emails cause I dont have anyones email! Man ive been thinking about Gator and Luke and all them about to leave soo much. Im so happy for them! Every get on missions pleaseee. Gator, good luck brotha I love you uce. I hear in some parts of Samoa they try to give priesthood to rocks and stuff hahahha. Luke, start spanish now. Please..just basic review and verbs, and read Predicad mi Evangelio in Spanish or PMG oops haha. 
We have class all day every day and thats about it. Sundays are always the best. Our teachers are getting switched tomorrow to people that speak less english. Umm for dinner or lunch, its always a choice of pasta, mashed potatoes, or rice with some kind of meat and or salsa. But not normal salsa like spicy salsa..its just sauce. Dad please explain it hahah everything here is bland. We are going to go to a Walmart store after this for P day. its Called Lidres or something but its owner by walmart. They have Mcdonalds and Pizza hut and everything down here. 
So i guess we had a tremor at like 1130 at night one night but it was small. And I have a cold which has been unfortunate but everyone has one. Im basically over it now. We teachs those mock investigators right? One of them said she knows she wants to be baptised in our last lesson with her! My and Elder Jensen were both so sick and didnt care but then we prayed and went into that lesson, and we taught her the plan of salvation (it was like our 4th lesson or something), and she was just so happy and said shes been praying every night and knows she needs to be baptized. It may be just our teacher acting as a investigator, but they are playing the role of one of their investigators from the field so it feels real. Its so awesome. 
It rained yesterday for the first time since the airport on the first day. We get all the new kids tomorrow but probably wont see them til Thursday. There are 3 from AZ! Repppresent! Man, I miss AZ and people so much, but its sweet here. 

Oh ya, we taught our teacher that barely speaks English how to say, Whats up yall haha

                                                          The "dungeon!"...or his classroom
                                                                         his room...
                                                     the mountains from the roof top 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The First Real Letter!!!

I'm on but i feel suppppper rushed!! We just had P-day or P hours as they call it hear because we only get like 2 hours plus an hour for email. I miss fourth of July so much, but I wore my Bass Pro Shop shirt at night on the fourth because i rep USA til i die. To bad about the World Cup though...i cant remember if i told you, we watched that game on the plane over even though we tried not too...I know whats going on still because we hear about it. I think Brasil and Netherlands played today? So i did exchange money in the airport and i could only spend it today so far but i bought a libro de himnos and come candy and Gatorade, but the gatorade is not the same...the bread is really good here at the CCM like Joe said! The meals are good too, they are just plain. Its usually just pasta, potatoes, or rice with meat or something. We have classes allll day long. it's exhausting, 6:30 wake up, study, exercise, get ready, then actually classes start at 10 and end at 10 at night. We are always speaking in spanish except for this Sunday. This Sunday was so sweet, it was like so relaxing compared to all the other days. My district got to pass and bless the sacrament. So we dont really learrn spanish, they just talk in spanish and we have to say if we dont understand. But we are learning sooo much like its weird because its not like taught well like a spanish class. The gift of tongues is so real. I forgot what that was called at first because I pray every day in spanish por el don del lenguas haha. Today we saw these missionaries in the streets from Norte Mission who came for a doctors appointment and there were 2 peruvians and a guy from Wyoming (near where we were like 3 weeks ago!) and he said he knew no spanish coming in, and a year later (today) he was having trouble speaking english! I'm stoked. Im doing well for my district, i probably know spanish more than all but one kid, but he can just conjugate words better. My companion is Elder Jensen and he was made district leader way back when on Thursday. We have 8 total in it, including 2 hermanas. Joe virga left here right before we got here i believe. I dont know if ill be able to upload photos because I dont have my cord with me, its in the room and my comp didnt want to go get it....hes a little bossy but its cool. I dont really say anything because I dont really get along that well with anyone here, but all together everyone is funny and cool. Mom I think i want Romans 1 verse 16 on my plague. I might think of something else though. We stay with 4 to a room and thats ok, it kinda stinks. One of the elders from Arizona is comps with this other hilarious kid and i cant tell you enough stories but last night, Elder Kemp, not from Arizona..got so happy when the CCM presidents wife told him that they had Twinkies here, he hugged Hermana Doll (the CCM presidents wife) hahaha he was so embarrassed and he got in trouble. I have to see if i can get to other emails so this might be it! Love you heaps, Im reading one note a day from friends and family from my open house. Tell Brent Dunny if you can that i loved his and wrote a quote from it on our white board. Actually i think we left today....Tell sarah maybe. LOVE YOU bye Mom and family!

And a few lines that he wrote to Curtis:  

They say the teachers speak spanish for the first 2 weeks then we trade and they will understand but not speak it. And then the 5th and 6th weeks there is no ingles. Im learning a lot already because they just speak spanish until one of us asks what they said. but its supppper slow spanish. We cant leave the CCM except for P days for 2 hours and for exercise in the mornings. Thats good about Leah, Ill pray for here. We get to go to the temple tomorrow. We get to go 3 times while we are here. We teach investigators who are just our teachers role playing, but they role play that they cant speak english at all so they just stare at you if you speak in english. Its hard especially cause my companion hardly speaks spanish. Its good though, we will learn. Sell my truck but leave my long board for now thanks

Monday, July 7, 2014

He's Arrived!

Sorry, forward this to Katie and Allison and whoever, it is a spanish keyboard and the symbols are all over the place. It took to long to type email adresses and I don't know which emails they want. We are just unpacking and making our rooms and whatnot. There are 4 Elders in our room at the MTC or CCM or whatever it's called here, but all of them are going to the Santiago South mission. We met probably like 35 missionaries in the Atlanta airport, and that was just Chile missionaries. A ton of them were sisters. There were other Brasil Elders that we found. Most of them are going to Chile Santiago North. The plane ride was forever long but me and Elder Clarine (Preston) got the Exit row so we had more leg room. He's a cool kid, we sat next to each other on both flights but don't get to room together. Elder Gardner from Mesa knows Luke McCook so tell him that! There are a lot of kids here who seem like they know absolutely no Spanish. The van driver from the airport only spoke Spanish and he would tell us some stuff, and the other kids would just stare...useless haha and that was with the people speaking slowly enough for me to understand. I can look out our window and see the temple like 100  feet away. We are right there. It was raining a little when we arrived. It feels so good outside, kids are saying its cold but it's not. I´m not staying in the mansion that Joe talked about but a couple kids are. I haven't had any food yet, so we will see how it is. Nothing else really happened i guess so thats it!! Its cool here, i feel like i am in the states right now but we were driving it was definitely poor in many places and it looked like many parts of mexico. Thats it for now, no word on preparation day. 

Byeee Love 

Elder Farnsworth