Monday, July 27, 2015

So got some news.....!!!! We only have an hour to write now! so that basically just means that i cant write as many friends now or just have to print some of the long letters out or i dunno..but oh well! 
Yes, i got the postcards from Katie and Sid and i got a normal letter from Papa not a Dear Elder, i think it might be fasted and i like it more! I love papa for writing me so much! Didnt get the package but maybe this week! 
So its pretty cold but just in the morning and nights. And the houses here just have little heaters (like at Grammy´s house) with an open flame but we cant have that as missionaries so we just have a little electric heaters..Gets pretty warm in the study room with two heaters but the rest of the house is cold haha but all good! 
This week we taught a family that the missionaries were teaching before me but this was the first time i had gone. We read Alma 37 with them and we were able to simply explain the importance of going to church and my companion explained that the people in the church litterally needed them and that they will welcome new people with open arms and it was so cool! They wanted to go really bad and told us to call them in the morning as many times as it took to wake them up haha. My comp said he saw a change in them that he hadnt seen before. Unfortunately, the dad´s phone was turned off Sunday morning and they didnt go...we arent sure why but they seem like a great family.
Something I learned is that every person and member is a part of the body or the church and if we were all the most important parts (the arms or legs or head, or in the church, the bishop or stake president, etc) then the body wouldnt work that well. We need small parts like the nose or fingers and stuff to make it all work. The church works like a body or a car, with a lot of parts together. The family works the same. We cant do it alone and it doesnt make sense either. I also learned that the weakest parts (less active members) are the most important for the body and church. Let us reach out to our friends and brothers. Let us make the most of our calling and love our neighboors. Let us share our blessings and the knowledge we have with someone that doesnt have this knowledge. MY challenge for you all is, this week, pray for a missionary oppurtunity every morning and night and look for this oppurtunity. Tell someone about the church and give them a Book of Mormon or a church movie and then invite them later to talk to the missionaries is your own house. I know that each and every one of you that does this can find one or more of your friends or neighboors with whom you can share the Gospel. I know this church is true and there isnt any other true church on the face of the earth because it was taken off the earth when the people rejected Christ and His Apostles. But i know that Joseph Smith prayed, and saw God and Jesus Christ and that he was called to be a prophet and was given the Authority again. 
I love you all and miss you a lot.
Elder Farnsworth
Pictures: We had a clogged drain so i went at it with some crazy chemical stuff and put a scarf to protect my face haha. And some random crazy picture with my homie Elder Simmons


Monday, July 20, 2015

Hola fam bam como estamos? 
So ya we got a little rain but we were in church so it was legit. No like last week when it rained all sunday---Sorry no new food stories, well except for that the bishops wife gave us brownies so that was nice. But i guess hardly anyone here eats pig head....i think they got us in a prank but it was pretty good so whatever. Wow i eat so differently now than i did before. 
Wow sounds like Wes was a good mission president! I think thats great that they focused so much on the missionaries and not the baptisms. Because from what i hear, (dont know about Guadalajara) but it is pretty easy for people to get baptised in Mexico, but if the missionary is converted, they are going to baptise the people and the people are going to be ready and stay active and the missionaries are going to go home and stay active. President Videla tries to be like that too and he really cares about us and our own progress. 
So in this sector, it is a lot harder than my last sector. The people are a lot tougher to get too and arent in their house that much. Ive really been suffering and wondering what was wrong, blaming myself, blaming the missionaries before, blaming lots of things. But this week, our Zone Leader helped me understand something. They taught about Christ Like Atributes. One, Elder Johnson, taught about being humble. He said that he was in a Branch in the begginging of his mission that hasnt had a baptism for a year and a half. But then he went to a great sector with success (close to where i just was a couple of weeks ago, Quilicura) and he started to have success and baptisms. He started  to think that he was a great missionary and that he was doing everything. But then he got changed again to a difficult sector and got humbled. I understood that i just need to be humble for my own will and that it doesnt matter that i would have 30 + lessons in a week before because that was all the Lord giving us success. We didnt do anything. My companion and I listened to a talk by Elder Holland and he said that Missionary work was never easy and never will be, because the Atonement wasnt easy for Christ and we need hard things to make us understand. 
A cool experience that we had was like three days ago, we entered the house at 9:30 (normal time) without any lesson in the day. Right then a Sister from the ward called us and said her niece was really sick and asked if we could go with her to give a blessing (her brother is inactive and couldnt give his daughter a blessing). We went and the Sister was waiting outside our department complex so we walked together to her brother´s house. We realized that it was a house that we contacted my first or second day in the sector. What happened with this house before is that we talked with a lady who told us  to come back in a few days, and when we did so, her husband answered and told us to not waste our time with them and to not come back. BUT, now this family needed help and this inactive member that told us to get lost before, was able to humble himself and except our help. It was so awesome to enter and explain and do the blessing and then hear the inactive father say to his daughter (who isnt member and knows nothing about blessings or priesthood) that the blessing we gave was really going to heal her. It was a great experience and im greatful that i can act with God´s power to bless and serve other people. 
I love this church. I know its true and that the Plan of Salvation exists. I love all of you and want you to stay strong in your beliefs. Love you all and miss you! 
Elder Farnsworth

Pictures. My comp got me to start drinking Mate, which is like an herbal tea thing idk its weird but good. dont worry its not against the word of wisdom hahaha! 

Pig's Head...yum yum!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ya so we had the actual transfers today but we both stayed. SO i dont know whats up with my last sector but ill find out who is there hopefully. A ton of missionaries went home today and not that many are coming but oh well!
Thats soo awesome that Ryan is going and Brent is home now! Miss the whole family but I know they will all be there in 11 months more haha! And i know we are all gonna live together in the Celestial Kingdom eating mexican food and doing our awesome traditions! Wow, 2 years? Felicitaciones a Katie y a Sid! Doesnt seem that long! 
So it rained a ton sunday...i hate the chilean rain haha its so cold but it actually wasnt that bad, i was all wrapped up as you can see in the picture. And we wonder why they think we are the CIA...hhaha all black everything! But it was still a slower week. My companion kinda got sick in an exchange. We arent sure but we think its because we ate pig head (ill send a picture!) and he ate the eye...Haha but hes all good now. I love him hes so crazy! But we had some sweet lessons. One was with a family last night and the son doesnt really know if God exists but he wants to study all the religions. He read a lot of stuff on the internet about Mormons but then he watched ``Meet the Mormons'' in English (he lived in New Zealand and hes so legit) and realized the internet lied about our religion. We taught them about the Restauration and he wants to know more! They are really good people. 
So there is a family here in the ward and the wife´s cousin lives in my old sector and i helped her husband come back to church when i was there! He came over and ate lunch with us (when we had lunch with his wife´s cousin) and it was so legit to talk with him. He has a calling now and hes visiting less active people! That was so awesome to see him and talk about my old ward. I know that this work is hard but its so worth it! Its sweet to see people changing and see myself changing all the time! I love you guys and hope you all can make changes in your own life every day! 
Elder Farnsworth


Monday, July 6, 2015


Haha so chile won their first Copa America and they were going crazy when they won. It was awesome, but really boring for us haha. Sooooo answering your question, my companion is already in the island so the answer is yes, im with another companion. But heres the weird part, im in another area too...hahah President called us Thursday and said that his flight was Friday in the morning. They werent sure what they were going to do with me, but at 11 in the night when i was going to bed, he called me and told me to pack because they were going to take me out of the area too and send me with Elder Simmons (Eagle, Idaho) in an area called La Rioja in the same stake where i started the mission!! There arent missionaries in my old sector Lo Campino Quilicura for just a week and then we dont know who will get there. But Elder Simmons is awesome, hes the district leader and theres and Elder Hunt from Mesa in the ward! We know a few of the same people haha. 
So weird week but Elder Simmons is pretty cool and it should be a fun time. They dont have a lot of success here in the sector and President kind of hinted to that and told me to help him (even though i think im technically junior comp because of the special transfers, i have more time) and so we´ll see what we can do in this time here. He also has a problem with his eyes and cant see that well and uses big scriptures and a machine thing to read! But hes legit. I hope i get to see a few people i know from my first area! All of Chile fasted for rain because they are in a drought and the polution and smog is really bad here and it started to rain after church!!! It was so legit. We still need more rain but its all good!  Elder Cordova already sent a picture from the island and it looks so pretty! Love you guys a ton, i know this church is true and there isnt any other thing happier than living how God wants us too. I see a lot of bad things here with drugs and all sorts of problems and a lot of good things too in the church that help me know that it is all true. 
Love you and miss you! 
Elder Farnsworth

                     We live in the fifth floor and the church is right behind our apartments!

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