Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hola familia once again!
So im not going to write a letter because we are going to Skype.

Nah just kidding ill still write a little bit. This week was legit. Well i mean im used to having weeks with all sorts of different results so they are all good in some way or the other but this week we had some more new investigators and talked with more haitians and yesterday we had 4 lessons with investigators when the whole last week we had like 10 so not bad to start this last week of transfers. We went to find someones house (we contacted her in her work and she explained where her house was) and we talked with her daughter. Then we went to another tentative appointment. On the way, a guy stopped us on the bikes and we went over and he said he had seen us looking for the other house and hes been looking for us for like a week. He shared with the missionaries like a year ago and i had actually contacted him in my first week here but he was too busy with work then. He said he wanted to start listening and going to church again! He says he never felt ready to get baptised but we will see. And we had a lesson with this Methodist guy or something and he tries to pull the same stuff on us about Joseph smith not being in the bible and the book of mormon being fake without even reading or understanding. I normally get mad and tell them all the logical stuff but this time we both stayed calm and explained and it took a few times explaining but we just bore testimony and he decided he is going to read when Christ comes to the americas. So that was a better experience. We never know what will happen but give them the chance! And there was this other lady we contacted that seemed really good and ready and she said we should come back in the night. We finally made it back yesterday (we had spoken with her other times but she was alone again or something else) and she looked nervous and her husband came out and told us to go away and never come back. Im really used to getting rejected but that one hit me hard for some reason. I really believe she wanted to learn and is prepared but he isnt letting her. That just made me so sad but a few minutes but you got to keep your head up and find someone else. Feel bad for her though..
Love you guys see you on sunday for skype Happy mothers day mom!!! 
Elder Farnsworth

We did a random not planned object lesson with Lehi`s vision (see picture haha). And my comp just playing guitar and me being an idiot what else

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