Monday, November 24, 2014

Super Elders!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gilson is 37 and is from Sao Pablo brasil. He got baptised 8 years ago but went inactive for a while and now has like 6 months back in the church and is preparing for the temple. He has like 8 months in Chile now so he is learning Spanish too and he is awesome! He leaves with us all the time. No he isnt married, but hes looking!! I basically understand portugese now because of him haha but cant speak a single word. (Gilson is someone that Curt told us about that goes out teaching with them all the time.. I was asking about him in my letter)
The ward here is kinda small. We have like 110-115 people going every week and the goal is 120. There are about 1100 members registered on the list. sooo ya. We work with less actives, or try too. haha- we used to eat with an Hermana in the ward, but we changed and we eat at the Bishops house now for lunch and we pay her (his wife) every day.
Sounds fun visiting with everyone at home! Cant believe Ammon is leaving so fast. I was thinking about our Culture Celebration the other day because they have one in Chile that celebrates all the spanish speaking countries that is pretty cool. Im proud of you guys for giving service!! Thats super cool. We visited a Hermana in the ward with TWO missionaries out, a son and a daughter, and she was sharing what she learned from the Book of Mormon with us. I told her it made me happy to see her so strong like this and it gives me hope that my parents are that awesome at home too! I love you guys!!
This week was so fast! But two main things. Well really just one. But one small thing is that we had another Earthquake last night! But it was super small this time but still cool. And the more important thing is we had stake conference. One thing i really liked was a talk about pray. The parents of the speaker turned the chairs of the dinner table facing the other way and that way, they had to have a kneeling prayer before turning the chairs around and eating. He said that the parents teach a child to pray by example and by family prayer. Im grateful for the moments we have had together in prayer. And when we lacked in this aspect, i am grateful looking back for whoever would pressure us to do so. I remember a seminary class with Brother Goss where he told us that we should pressure the family to have pray. Although I was youngest and we didnt have it EVERY single night, I still tried to remind the family. Never think that you are too young or too inexperienced or anything to tell someone else the right thing. Nephi did exactly that with older brothers. If there isnt family prayer, have it. If there isnt family reading, read. If the whole family isnt going to church, find out why and solve the problem with love and kindness. We are in families for a reason, love and appreciate every member that is under your roof and without its walls. Im so grateful for the family and home i came too and would never change it. Thank you guys, i love you! Keep up the work
Elder Farnsworth

PS For P day in the morning, we grilled at the church. And before conference, i made German pancakes! Thought of you mom!
 verse and a sentence or something about it, BUT of stuff they read that week! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

Whats up guys. Once again, you are doing a bunch of cool things without me. Going to Mexico, luckkkkyy. But thanks for the photos and im glad that Grammy and Grandpa are doing good! Mom, i did get the package this week! really fast this time. But we dont have mail this week. And the news of Transfers....Im staying!! this doesnt surprise me but what does surprise me is that Elder Sovero and the other two missionaries in our ward stayed too! Actually our whole zone...there were like no changes in the mission..but its cool! 
This week was pretty boring. But we had a activity Top Chef Elder Sovero. He cooks peruvian food really good so he taught members and investigators how to do it! This was on Halloween. They celebrate halloween here but not a lot and they just copied the States like 15 years ago. 
Saturday we were giving service and we came home to shower and work in the night. Elder Sovero was walking to light our water heater (we have to turn it on with a match every time) and i was taking off my shoes. All of a sudden, i hear a noise from our room and a cat runs from there and runs into me and then jumps out the window that was open! Haha i guess that teaches us not to leave the window open. 
We are really working with the Bishop now and we have more confidence. We had a meeting with him this Sunday. He was using Google Maps to show where Less Actives lived and then he said ``tell me your addresses and we can see your house!´´ haha so we did that and we saw the chapel and house of me and Elder Sovero to compare countries. Pretty cool technology. 
This week was difficult but me and Elder Sovero have plans to change and leave this sector strong. Having finished the Book of Mormon recientely, im really thinking about that. I encourage you guys to be reading the Book of Mormon as much as possible. Follow what it says in Moroni 10 3-5. I did so one day when Elder Sovero was showering. The time you have alone, peaceful and quiet, is the time when you receive revalaccion. Im greatful for this Book and the continual answer that i have received. I know it is true, and from this, I know the Lord is my Savior and that we have a Plan to return to Him. Im grateful for the prophets and their guidance. I know Im in Chile for a reason and it isnt just to get to know a new country and people. It is to know the One and Alone True and Living God. I love you guys and miss you, but if you are doing your part and Im doing my part, we are all good.
Love you ,
Elder Farnsworth
Curt and Elder Sovero