Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey mom and fammm!
So its definitely warming up and im happy. but the bad thing is that the summer flys..and before i know it, winter is going to be close and ill be going home. bad thought...ya but haha this week was legit. I dont know, now i just feel like every week was amazing. But this week we had Stake conference here and it was pretty good! Elder Norambuena was here (chilean Seventy member) and our mission president spoke too! The church was full and i saw so many people from my first ward again. I love being in this stake haha! 
So I forget a lot of stuff that happens in the week and there is stuff im just used to now but i want you guys to send me like a question of the week or something to help me write what you want to hear if anyone has a question about whats chile like, whats the mission like, or any sort of question. just send it to me and ill try to answer it in the main letter! 
But this week we had a lesson with a teenage we are teaching that has been going to the church a lot with his friend. He passed the date he had for baptism and didnt feel ready, but this lesson we had with him, he sat down and just straight up told us ``i dont know how to explain it, but im just ready now. i want to get baptised``!!!! it was legit haha and we were talking and he said the soonest that he can get baptised, he´s ready! so he´ll probably be getting baptised this week or next week! We are really hoping he serves a mission. He´s 17 and hes a really good kid. We also met a guy from Peru (Lima) that got here like 3 months ago. He called us and said he went to another church out of our stake and the bishop gave him our number. We thought he was an investigator hahah but we met him and hes a member but didnt go much in Peru and now we wants to go here! He already met the Bishop and some members in Stake conference and we gave him a shirt and tie. 
I love being a missionary here in Chile and there isnt anything i would rather be doing in my life right now. I know this church brings blessings and protection. I love you all and congrats to Brent for getting engaged haha even though hes not gonna wait for me...oh well love you cuzzzz! 
Elder Farnsworth

Monday, October 19, 2015

whats up fammmmmm! so someone asked me if ive been to the grand canyon before this week and i definitely thought about you guys being there this week and hiking. Why do you do all of this with me!!? oh well. Thats sweet that Elder or ex elder Janis is living there!! and once again so many changes with missions and marriages haha everyone i know is married or on a mission.
This week we had the chance to receive two elders from the MTC. They leave one day when they are about to go to the field and they go with the elders from another mission. I was with Elder Parsons who is going to Concepción! and Elder Paredes was with Elder Snell who is going to Viña del Mar. It was a great experience and they are going to be great missionaries. They already talked spanish and Elder Parsons taught well in the lesson that we had. (The picture is with him in the subway).
We had the oppurtunity to see Juanito (the kid that got baptised) be confirmed this week by his father! It was so awesome to see his dad baptise and confirm him and see the family so strong. Im waiting for the day that Juan goes on a mission! haha like 10 more years but still! And another investigator that was in church today us an experience in Gospel Principles that she found out that her friend from Peru was here in Chile and her husband left her and her 8 year old daughter. They tried to go back to Peru but could and they were sleeping in the street. On top of everything, this woman is pregnant. Our investigator is really bad off too and actually got help from the ward this week. She told us that she went and found her friend in the street and brought her back to her tiny one room house to live with her and her husband and daughter. We were all amazed that someone that has so little gave so much to another person that had nothing. Now that the ward knows, the Relief Society is seeing what they can do with clothes and food. I love this church and gospel because it is a source of hope and life for people that have nothing else. We can help physically and more importantly spiritually. NO matter what happens to us physically, the most damaging thing is sin. It takes us away from Christ and God and makes us feel unworthy of Their help. I know that repentance exists. Ive seen the important of service. I have know doubt that this is the only true church of Christ on the face of the Earth, no matter how many people attack us with crazy doubts and things saying that the Book of Mormon is nothing more than a fantasy book and that Joseph Smith was nothing more than a lunatic. I know because i feel it every day of my life and i will never deny. I love you guys and i love my Savior.
Elder Farnsworth

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Baptism!

So who learned spanish this week in rocky point? nobody? oh ya...haha im so stoked to go to puerto peñasco and speak chilean spanish with my compadres the mexicans! Sounds like a good trip, just a little different. I guess its going to change every year. Chile is really nothing like mexico, not even their spanish.
So it was a pretty great week, and i wouldnt trade it for a week in Rocky Point haha seriously, the mission is amazing i love it. And the cool vacations come after and for now im so stoked to be here. We had a lot things to do this week and one of them was a baptismal interview cause we had a baptism this week! Its a kid named Juan and his parents and family are members and we found out he wasnt baptised and we taught him everything (but he basically knew it all!) and he got baptised this week. It was so awesome and afterwards he said that he felt like God and Jesus were reaching out to him and saying and his mind was iluminated! It was crazy cause hes only 9 but hes a good kid! It was awesome cause a bunch of his family went that arent members or are less active! I sent a picture of him and his dad with us (his dad baptised him!) I know that we can really do a lot just loving and serving other people. You can do it at home, but if you have the chance. the best way to learn and really truly help other people is serving a mission. I love this gospel, i know it is true for myself, and i know the mission is the place that i need to be. I love you all family! 
Elder Farnsworth

Juan with his dad
Juan`s little cousin that is super awesome haha! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

So Elder Simmons left and hes now zone leader!! thats awesome for him so early on in the mission (for our mission at least zone leaders are always the people with like the most time). Im still with Elder Paredes and two more elders are in the ward again so we dont have so much room to cover. Thats too bad about sister Fulton! and a lot of marriages and missions haha.
This week, we had two lessons wednesday night at like the same time so we dropped Elder Paredes off with a family that already knew the investigator and they are friends now, and me and Elder Simmons went to the church to teach a kid (17 years old). It was an awesome lesson with this teenager and he asked a ton of questions. He doesnt know much about religions but he likes it and he said he believes that he can receive an answer to his prayers and get baptised! Hes gone to church with his friend like 4 times now (plus 2 sessions of conf!!). Elder Paredes told us after that our investigator told that she feels that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet and she wants to get baptised in December with her son and family when he gets here from Peru. She said that the missionaries in Peru contacted her the last week she was there and they had an appointment for the next week. She unexpectedly came to Chile and they called her the day of the appointment. She explained that she left Peru but promised she would find the church in Chile. 7 months later, she sees us for the first time but we are too far away. The next time she saw us, we were talking to a less active lady in her door. The investigator passed us, waiting (faking like she was looking for something in her stroller) and then we talked to her. Now she has friends in the church, and is progressing! Shes awesome and her husband is too but hes too ``shy`` to meet with us right now but he reads what we assign her! 
This conference was legit! I loved it like always and we got to see it in english so even better haha! Its important that we can pay attention to what we feel in the conference and apply it to our lives. I know there are prophets and apostles that talk to Christ and receive Revelation, I want to be a part of this church for the rest of my life and i love helping other people come unto Christ. I testify that these things are true, in the name of Jesus Christ my Savior Amen
Elder Farnsworth 

A family that sells salad in the farmers market thing here took us to the office for the changes haha in the back of their truck!! 

A dog peed on Elder Simmons suitcase...