Monday, May 25, 2015

Feliz Cumpleanos!!!

Hola familia!
So you saw pictures because it was Cesars birthday last saturday and we ate duck and rice and something called Yucca i think but it was like a potatoe. It was awesome, and they killed a guinea pig thing when we were there and they are gonna make it next week! Thanks to everyone who wrote Happy birthday! Sorry if i cant respond to everyone! Wow feels weird, 19 and almost half my mission, 11 months. Im gonna finish so young! 
This week we had to go 2 days to do the visa for my comp. normally there are a lot of people going at the same time so all the senior comps pair up and go back to a sector for the day because the visa takes forever, BUT my comp was the only one...So i got the pleasure to be there too!! haha its so long but its all good PACIENCE! And the Lord blessed us soo much still because that took away basically 2 days but we still taught 31 lessons! And there were 3 investigators in the church and 3 new investigators that showed up later for the 2nd and 3rd hour so basically 6! It was a fun week and this next week is gonna be fun too! We had zone activity right now and we played volleyball and ate Churripanes that are chorizo with a bread! The Zone Leaders bought some cakes for my comps birthday today! and We surprised him it was sick! we didnt even know! This week im reading a ton of Book of Mormon to catch up cause we have to finish it for the goal of the mission (5 months ending may 31). It is amazing what i learn. Its amazing what ive already learned in less than 11 months in the mission. Ive learned so much doctrine, but at the same time ive learned how to be a better person. I still fail and lack a lot more but its crazy the progress that the mission does. I hope every youth can go on a mission, but i hope that you can all prepare yourself. Its physically hard, at least here, we walk a lot. Its emotional hard, people are going to be racist or rude or hate you for wanting to help and give them the knowledge of the eternal life. Its spiritually tough, you have to see people take wrong choices and fail time after time. But its physically a blessing, you will grow and be strengthned physically and you will be able to do harder things. Its emotionally rewarding, you will be able to withstand reject and rude comments in the future. And its a spiritual miracle. You will change yourself. I promise all of you from the bottom of my heart that there is nothing better than the mission and a worthy mission with all your heart. Love you all, thanks for everything.
Elder Farnsworth

Photo. My comp cutting cake and me being weird..idk

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hola familia,
Wow, two funerals in one week! But thats good that you were able to see a few family members and remember about Grandma Hanna. My last greatgrandparent! But a lot of people never even met one grandparent. 
This week was crazy for us too! We were teaching a ton! We needed another companionship to work our one sector this week haha but it was awesome. The norm for the mission is normally no less than 20 lessons (total) in the week and the goal is 30. We taught 34 lessons this week after a low week the last week! And we really saw the blessings of our diligence. 5 out of the 5 recent converts went to the church, 4 investigators and a lot of less actives that we visited in the week. The ward is really working too. In Elders Quorom we talked about the Book of mormon and how can we fill the world with this book. The Quorom is selecting one person every week to give away a Book of Mormon. We are really seeing a spirit of missionary work in the ward and thats going to make it grow. 
Sorry the letter is going to be a little short because im tired and dont remember a lot of details of the week haha it was crazy. I just want to invite you all to try and share a Book of Mormon with a friend or a co worker. A lot of people with see that it means something to you and your family if you share it with love. But you cant share it if you dont know that it is true. I invite all of you to continue gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, asking God in your prayers at least once a week, even if you already know it is true. This will help you remember why you go to church and keep the commandments. And you will be able to share with other people easier. I know this church is true and that the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith and that Thomas S Monson is a prophet in these days. I love you all, and miss you, but time is flying here so its all good!
Love Elder Farnsworth

Monday, May 11, 2015

So Dia de la Madre was pretty chill haha. We went to church and then had a barbaque with a family and then SKYPE. It was awesome this time. It was so cool to see you all and thanks Katie and Sid for staying up late haha over there in Paris. After that we went with the Haitian member that i told you about and taught a pretty cool lesson. Well i didnt understand everything because they were talking in Creole but i really do understand a lot of it! Its a miracle because i know like 30 words but I can still figure out what they are saying with help from the Spirit of course :)
This week was a little low on the numbers wise but i could really care less because i know we worked every minute that we could. Didnt help that we had to do paperwork stuff for my companion and a few other things that took us away from the sector. BUT, one of those things was the temple so that was so awesome. We went with our whole zone and 1 more to the temple for a session and 
i miss going so much so it was awesome to be able to go again. In the temple, i could really understand the Atonement and that unworthy and unprofitable servants (all of us) can be made clean and worthy and important only through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It was crazy to enter into the temple and be able to think and pray with silence. Im so greatful for the Plan God has for us and that we can be eternal families. 
Like i said yesterday, we had exchanges with our district leader and my companion was in our sector. He struggles to learn the streets and the people and remember everything. But he went and had the best day that we had this whole week! Dont worry any of you that are new in the mission or new to a calling or feel like you cant do something. The Lord will help the humble and guide them by His Spirit. I love you all, thanks for yesterday and everything you do. I wanted to send pictures but i dont understand whats going on with the computer...sorry.
Love you ! 
Elder Farnsworth

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ya well this week is skype so thats legit. Haha we will talk more to set up the time and everything. we still dont know forsure. its gonna be hard with church but we will figure it out. So thats awesome that it is 100 degrees in arizona but here it is cold...i hate winter here. But oh well im just gonna go out every day with a jacket and like 8 sweaters. nahh haha its not that cold. But still. Wow, ask elder Anderson how long he has been in the ward. because im pretty sure he was there when i left. Wow lots of people are already going home from the mission! And no mom, joe beecroft and augie aiono are in puerto rico. Eric is in nicaragua. But thats cool! 
This week was really tiring...I dont know we walked a ton. We are still waiting for bikes but who knows if they will come. This week though, we do have a really cool story. So we went to contact someone that the missionaries used to teach. They werent in the apartment but we decided to knock a few doors. We knocked one and talked with an atheist that was friendly but didnt want anything..obviously. My companion started to go down the stairs to the first floor of the apartments but i stayed there looking at another apartment. I felt the spirit tell me to go there and just try. So i went and my companion came back up the stairs. A lady came out and she was painting. We offered our help and she thought about it but said no. But when we said something about being missionaries and teaching about Christ, she said, actually i was going to go to your church this week with my husband because his friend invited him. So a member invited this family because he felt that they were ready to receive the gospel and they showed interest. Really, the member did the main part of the work. But my point in telling this is that really the Spirit helps us know what we need to do. In this story, both the member and I were able to feel the Spirit and follow His promptings to help other people. I know that there are people in your lives that are ready to receive the gospel. The Spirit can tell you who these people are if you are willing to listen and follow his promptings. I am understanding the importance of recognizing the Spirit in our lives and it is truly amazing what he can do for us. God works through His Holy Ghost. 
I love you all and hope all is well! See you family on Sunday for Skype!
Elder Farnsworth

Pictures: Random picture i took in our sector in some apartments and the zone leaders and other elders from our ward today!