Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The mission president there is still that big tall guy? what mission are we even a part of haha. Here everyone knows what the mission is called because they have EFY and activities and stuff with all the youth in the whole mission sometimes (They cant choose their EFY weeks or anything). And here in the District, everyone knows President Videla because he technically has the keys for the District. wow my comp is from like North Ogden area! they wont be in the same stake obviously but they will be close. We have transfers in 2 weeks. Probably getting changed, if not elder halter is. its not really normal to be 3 changes let alone 4 changes together but we will see!
Today we got to go to Santiago and Elder Halter bought a guitar! Hes a pro haha and we were walking and i say ``we havent seen anyone i know, i always see someone i know in downtown!`` and 4 seconds later i see the ward mission leader from my first ward! haha we talk and then we keep walking to go get lunch and someone pushes me from behind and its MARCELO PINILLA my old companion haha but he finished the mission awhile ago and now hes in santiago trying to find work! So i invited him to eat lunch with us and we go to the peruvian restaurant that we always went to with elder paredes and sure enough, elder paredes shows up with his companion haha! Fun day.
This week, it rained but not as much. We continued contacting a ton of people. We have met some really nice people that hopefully with be investigators this week. And we have met, as always, some really rude people haha but its just funny now. I cant believe ive been here for so long. Ive been doing this like my whole life now! nah haha but the end is coming fast and fast and i have bitter sweet feelings. Theres so much stuff i miss and stuff im excited to do but i know im going to be leaving behind something that i wont be able to continue in the same way afterwards. Its really hard sometimes but theres things that i cant explain and things im only going to experience in the mission. I love the gospel so much i cant imagine a life without it and i just wish everyone would accept it but we know that not everyone will. Love you all see you in skype soon! 
Elder Farnsworth

                                               Look closely....there's a missionary by his bike

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