Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Baptism!

MOM! im not writing early today haha. We went to Santiago and went to the Downtown basically to this really cool fair thing that sells a bunch of typical souviners from Chile and i wasnt planning on buying a lot but i did haha but i got some RECUERDOS and somes gifts for all of you! Got to go back to spend more money haha you only serve a mission once! But it was really fun but tiring and we are just getting back to write and then pday ends basically. Sounds like a great week, so glad you are liking being relief society. Well at least surviving it! The key i figure is just follow the handbook and the spirit! Wow katie and sid are the worst for going to mexico haha.
This week was legit. We had to do a ton of stuff like a Area wide conference with Elder Bednar (we watched the live transmision). Was that this week....i cant remember im so lost haha. And we went to do my visa thing so that was fun .....not. but oh well. And we had the baptism! it was legit. She got another week to prepare and she had such good questions. She understands so much. Someone told her that she had to look forward to wearing white again in the future in her sealing and she said uhh no im going on a mission first haha! Her mom and sister and friend went to the baptism. Shes inviting everyone and more friends are going to go to her confirmation the next week. (Here, people get baptised on Sunday after church normally so they get confirmed the next week). We met a new guy from Ecuador. He saw us going into our house in the night and called us out. He was a eternal investigator (his own words) in ecuador and he moved here to santiago 2 months ago and got baptised. He got to Batuco this week! He has already gone with us to a lesson! Pretty cool. I might get changed out of Batuco in 3 weeks but at least it is starting to progress a little more for the missionaries that come. Love you all and my Savior. Id be lost without Him.
Elder Farnsworth

Uhh technical probs with photos sorry elder halter is sending some so ask his mom!!

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