Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Parable of the Fisherman

Wena wena familia,
Sorry i may have turned into a chilean flite (gangster) in these 20 months but what can we do. So ya Nayareth got confirmed and all good there. This week was cool like it always is haha. Maybe only got 2 more weeks here in Batuco but we dont know yet. 
So i dont know what new to tell you so im going to send a rough draft of the original Parable of the Fisherman (Author elder farnsworth) hahahaah. I was just thinking one morning and made up a comparison of the mission (or life) and fishing. So one fisherman goes out with the ambition to catch the whole lake but doesnt prepare himself. He goes with an old rod and the wrong kind of line and a reel that doesnt work with hooks made for the biggest fish in the world. He gets impatient when he doesnt catch anything so he changes to the other side of the lake thinking that there he will catch more. He isnt patient and only tries one kind of bait. The sun gets to him and he wanted to change to the shade. when he gets there, it starts to rain and wants sun but there isnt any more sun. He ends up going home and cant be happy with his day, even if he maybe caught a few fish. BUT, another fisherman goes out prepared. He fixes his rod and reel, studies what type of hook, line, weights, and bait to use for a specific fish. He knows its not going to be easy, but he is ready to suffer with patience. He might changed spots on the lake but only after giving all he has. He tries multiple baits and even changes his hook. He catches the same amount as the other fisherman but knows he did his best and that he cant force the fish to bite. 
We can decide to prepared ourselves and change our attitudes. If not, we are going to end up frustrated and give up and not even recognize our results. But like Nephi and his family lived after the manner of happiness (2 Nephi 5), even though the lamanites were angry under the same circumstances, our decisions and attitude can change everything. 
Sorry if you dont like fishing but it made a lot of sense to me haha love you all be patient in your lives or missions or trial. Be happy!
Elder Farnsworth

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