Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How are there so many changes with people..marriages and missions and moving. Every single week...hhaha but here in Batuco there arent Changes! Not for a week at least. Let me explain. The MTC was made 3 weeks now in stead of 2 for the spanish speakers. So, we dont get new missionaries here for another week and President Videla just left everything the same until the new missionaries gets here. The only problem is with the missionaries that went home. So some missionaries are just going to be in a random sector for a week haha but nothing changed with Elder Halter and I until maybe this next week. Ill let yall know next tuesday! 
Shout out to the Pleasant 2nd Young Men! You are the best, seriously. Surprise Box, love you guys, cant wait to see all of you soon! 
These past weeks we have done more service than my whole mission combined haha it has been so fun. Painting, sawing logs, smashing cans, fixing cement pillars, fixing wooden fences, mixing cement manually, etc. Its been a great experience. 
We really are focusing on just find new investigators. We have a few people to visit that are really good but we dont have like anyone to visit in the afternoon. like all of them are in the night after dinner. I mean thats typical but its more extreme in this sector. We have been sharing the pass along cards of Hallelujah with everyone! Its a great video, go watch it and share it on social media! Ive been reading Jesus the Christ about the ´´Semana Santa´´ or Holy Week and everything Christ did in the last week of His mortal life. Its incredible. I love studying His life and learning more every day. 
Love all of you 
Elder Farnsworth
                                                       Random selfie with my boy Haltercito

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