Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What up fam bam!!
SO news for the Week....Batuco fat failed us. We get to church on sunday at 845 (church starts at 10) to fill the font up them close the church then go get an investigator. We get there and there isnt WATER! You cant have a baptism without water!! But we called some people (branch pres etc) and we left it in their hands and when to get our investigator. He wasnt there..we went back and Pres Christensen just says sorry elders. No water, no baptism. And actually for safety reasons they only did sacrament meeting! haha So we told Nayareth but she was chill, we got it this week! Actually the original date but she was so prepared we moved the date up lol. But the week was legit still. We did a lot of service and a lot of things that werent normal lessons and everything but still necesarry and cool. Wow i dont even know what to write about haha sorry ive been in the mish for so long now and i dont even know how to write letters. I have to go do paperwork and stuff this week for my visa...we have a broadcast with elder bednar this week too. tomorrow actually.. sorry guys im the worst for this letter but i love yall and the mission and im with bitter sweet feelings about only having 4 months. i wanna see all of you but its just gonna be a bummer when i cant be a full time missionary with the authority to preach the gospel and promise blessings. Keep doing your part whether a missionary, bishop, home teacher, member, or someone trying to find what you need to do in life and God will help all of us. 
Elder Farnsworth

Random pic with the moon

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