Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter to all..and to all a good night?
No mom i didnt get the package but its all good, the Chileans all gave us chocolate eggs. Here they dont paint eggs or hide plastic ones, they make tiny chocolate eggs haha. So that family is just a family from the branch that is really cool and the dad works in the north so we took a picture cause we didnt know if i was goingto be there after. But i stayed with elder Halter ! im gonna be with him until may 8th then we will see. I also got my leather scripture cases for my english scriptures (the scriptures i dont have haaha) but they are really cool. And the other pic is with some members eating some bomb ice cream. Maybe like the last one cause the weather is changing. Its getting colder and we are in the coldest part of our whole mission. Gets like below 7 degrees celcuis i have not idea how much that is but cold. for me at least haha. and on bike should be fun. But that is only in like July so im okay. Right now its like night temperature but during the day i gets hot still and the night cold so its weird. not like arizona..Elder brady finished the misson and his parents came and got him and i met his parents cause they came to church in Batuco (he was in a couple branches in this district). 
We taught a hatian yesterday for the first time in a while so that was cool haha. Batuco is weird...it has a lot of foreigners and a lot of people that have lived here their whole life..The family we are teaching went to church and they liked it a lot! Well it was the second time they went but still. We had a lesson with them last night at they recognized the peace that the book of mormon brings! poco a poco like we say haha step by step. Its hard here not gonna lie but we just got to keep looking. We spend hours some time in the street talking with whoever we can when there is nobody that will let us in. There arent even that many less actives that let us in and listen. But thats how the mission goes sometime! 
Love yall
Elder Farnsworth

                                                                the scripture covers

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