Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well another week another letter.
Yes this is transfer week. Should be interesting, i may find out what my final sector will be. Or i may stay in Batuco City. But its whatever. Haha 2 more changes left. This next one will be 7 weeks long because of the MTC change. So this week we had a conference in Lampa (a close town) but it was a transmission with all of Chile and some general authorities spake including President Nelson, in spanish! Haha in our building, there wasnt the sateliete so it was through internet and it kept failing...but oh well. We were hoping than an investigator would be able to get baptised this month but he needs to attend church more times before he can and its probably okay because he should read some more and prepare himself a little more. But in Abril he definitely should get baptised. And we do keep visiting that family and we had a really good lesson with just the father last night and he has a few doubts but wants to know and believes in most of the stuff.
We had a ton of service this week. We were smashing some cans with a little hammer mallet thing to help someone that sells the cans, and then that same day we helped someone mix 3 bags of cement (they dont have cement trucks here and sometimes they have little machines but they didnt and we did it ourselves with shovels), and then we met an inactive lady in the night and she had a broken cement and brick pillar (a truck ran into it) and we put it back in place. Later this week we  went about and stuccoed it without having prior experience hahaha hopefully its all good. And we are going back to fix the other part and repair the wooden fence. Service is legit its so fun and we can  help some people that cant do it themselves. We also painted with Nayareth and her family in their house that they are going to sell. 
Its been a fun time here in Batuco. There have been a lot of good times and some hard times like the whole mission. I hope this Branch and district grow to become a stake and ward and that more people here can get baptised. We went to Colina (another town close) and did divisions with the young men from the whole stake and their leaders and visited people and made contacts for the whole morning. It was a pretty fun activity! Love this work and the mission and this country. Love all of you guys too and hope that you can do your part in your own wards and missions! 
Elder Farnsworth

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