Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wow pretty trunky with the thanksgiving pics hahaa good to see the family and the house and hear some fun stories. I dont really remember what we did Thursday, nothing special...even though there are two gringos that live here they dont celebrate anymore. So you are probably wondering why I havent written until today. I dont know either haha. We had a conference on Tuesday with a Seventy (Elder Krasnoselsky) so they changed P day to wednesday for some reason i dont know but its all good!! Haha. This week was pretty good, we went far into the fields and outside of the town to go talk to people and we didnt find a ton but there are people! We need more people to teach because we always have a bunch of lessons with less actives that are going to come back to church soon. We are trying to find more investigators to see who progresses. The problem is that here, people arent home a lot when they think they are going to be there.
We learned in the Conference that we need to purify ourselves and they we can work better with the members and double our success. We are in a District and not a Stake, and they are talking a lot about how close it is to being a stake. So we really need to pick it up and we can have another stake here in Chile! That would mean that this mission wouldnt have a district. We had a meeting in Santiago one day and i had to meet up with some other elders to go there while my companion was in our sector with another missionary. We ended and we were going back to our town to meet up with them but then we found out they were in the town of the other missionary so then we had to go there and i came back with my companion..i was in the bus the whole day basically hahah it was awful but oh well. I dont really know what else happened, but its pretty cool this place. Im gonna come back in shape with all the biking and service we do. And its hot so im good haha but we eat a lot of fried food cause my comp is colombian and likes to good and eat well haha! Love you guys, love the mission, and i love my Lord. Check out the new video for Christmas!! Think its called A Savior is Born! 
Elder Farnsworth


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