Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad!!

Hey guys feliz navidad!!
Star wars pics look sweet haha good to see the cousins!! Hardly recognize them! 
So we have Skype this week and im stoked haha. and we´ll have the christmas conference with the whole mission so it should be awesome. This week was pretty fun. It was interesting because we had lessons with almost all new investigators. We have like 20 new investigators from the last 2 weeks we just need to keep up with them now! We taught a lady that wanted to go to church but she wanted us to pick her up so we went in the morning. But the sisters had a baptism so we opened the church for the brother who was going to prepared the sacrament with his son (hes from utah and hes really cool!) and started the water in the font. We left and passed by an investigators house (he went last week to church) and he wasnt there so we left a note and went to pick up the lady. She was kind of ready but we were already late ish and far. Luckily a Brother passed us in the street and picked her up in his car. We started to walk fast and another Brother picked us up haha it worked out all well. Then i told my comp that we were going to check the font after the first talk and right as we go to look, another investigator comes in the door! It was perfect timing and i know we were prompted to walk out right then! Then at the end of Sacrament meeting, the investigator that wasnt there in the morning saw our note and came to church for the 2nd and 3rd hour and stayed for the baptism!! Hes legit. It was an awesome baptismal service and then we had lunch with president Christensen from AZ haha lunch with two gringos in one weekend! We had a few lessons in the afternoon and finished the week. It was a really good week and we had interviews with president and he asked me about my weight (i think cause my suit looks a little big now...) and he told me i should buy a new one before i go home because they are really cheap in santiago haha it was weird but funny. He´s the man Presidente Videla. Cant wait to see you guys and talk!! Love you all, rememberr what christmas really means and make room for christ, serving others and making new goals and plans!
Elder Farnsworth


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