Monday, December 14, 2015

People Falling from Heaven!

Hey famm!
Wow christmas is already here basically. And yes unfortunately i have officially less than 6 months..we will have a christmas conference with the whole mission the 22nd i think. Elder Williams already came back like 2 months ago ive seen him a few times!! its gonna be so fun to see all my friends. Wow these crazy mormons are all getting married so fast haha. 
This week, we now have a renewed focus in investigators and we arent even counting less active lessons and recent converts (we should still visit them but not as much) and a lot of missionaries are complaining but i liked the changes. We worked really hard to find new investigators because the people we have arent in their house that much. And we found 9 new people and one of them went to church with us and is really prepared!! Hes sweet, he just got here from Peru and hes a little older than we are. Thats the best part of Batuco, there are a lot of young people! and young families! Wow the first days were so hard cause we were just in the street all day contacting and looking for people on the lists and everything, but the people just started falling from heaven haha. One day, we were looking for a house and we went to the wrong street and stoped to look for the address. A kid comes down the street and seems really nice and i ask him how his day went and he shakes my hand and we start to talk. Then we ask him if we can go to his house and he lived right there so we taught him. Another day, a lesson fell through and we didnt have out bikes (because my wheel was messed up) and so we didnt know where to go. We start walking and a guy is outside his house. I heard (Hola Elder) so i thought he knew us and i contacted him immediately. He had never talked with missionaries but my comp recognized his shirt as a colombian soccer team and they started talking about colombia (they are both from colombia) and we started teaching him and his wife. We literally saw the hand of the Lord in our week. I love the promises and miracles that we have. I know this is the Lord´s work and we are just doing what we can and he does the rest. The Sister missionaries in our branch are taking out the trash so we should see some progress in this branch!  
We also had a Sector attack in a little town where some sisters are struggling (or were struggling) to find people. Their sector is like 5 towns but Presidente Videla asked them to focus in just one town without members basically. So the whole zone went and we contacted and now they have 50 references to look for! haha those sisters are legit, they have nothing and they are still doing really well. The zone is really good. Love you guys, make room for Christ in your lives in this month and your whole life. It will change your life.
Elder Farnsworth


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