Monday, December 7, 2015

That sounds like a sweet activity! Invite everyone! haha activities are such a great way for people to learn a little more about the church in a normal way. I know, whats up with Brent getting married? doesnt seem right haha just kidding love you Brenty. Dont know about Skype, but im almost certain we only have 40 minutes now. But the good thing is that Alli and Katie will be home so it will be easier!
So this week is really short haha cause we just wrote on Wednesday...but a few fun things we did were go to a water hole thing called La Laguna but it was pretty ugly..supposedly there are carp there so maybe i can go fish haha! And we contacted the farm houses over there and we talked with someone the first day and they told us to come back the next morning. We return and a kid was there and he said they were doing the chores and we said we can help. He said ´´hold on´´ and went to ask his cousin if they needed help. He came back and said they were going to wash the rugs. So we helped them with that and it was pretty fun haha they arent really religious but we sat down and talked with them more and they said they want to change some things that they are doing. And another day we went to the limit of our sector (with the Panamericana, the highway that goes through like all of south america) and contacted there. We found some pretty cool people too!
Yesterday we were just starting the sacrament meeting and there is a brother with epilepsy. He went up on the stand and was talking with the second counselor and i didnt pay much attention. The second counselor grabbed him and was basically carrying him out of the room. We opened the door and followed them and gave him a blessing immediatly. We was having an attack like a seizure but after the blessing he was totally fine. It was amazing to see the priesthood work to bless other people. Im so grateful for the second couselor that was ready and knew what to do. It makes me grateful to have the Lord´s priesthood. I love my Savior and all of you. Thanks for the prayers!
Elder Farnsworth


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