Monday, December 28, 2015

Hey family!!
Well it was a good christmas! We werent able to do much this week with the transfers and christmas and everything but it was still fun. My comp left (but really close and ill see him every week) and im going to train! I dont know who it is but ill meet him tomorrow. Right now im with another elder thats going to train and im in Santiago for the day because we have to pick up the new missionaries tomorrow. But it was so good to talk with you guys! Finally you were all together to do a good skype and not like a conference call haha. thanks for being the best! Wow now its new years and brent gets married..the last time i saw him he was just a kid now hes a man hahaha that was 2 and a half years
So i already talked with you guys and there isnt much else to share but i want to invite all the kids that read this to get ready for your mission now. And if you arent sure, strenghthen your relationship with God and ask Him if you should go. It has changed me. Im glad im not the same person that i was before. Ive learned, and i will keep learning, and the mission isnt the end, just the beginning. Im excited for these new changes and to continue with my sector and i hope all of you can appreciate all the things you have in your life and share with others. Love you all!
Elder Farnsworth
                          The kids of the family that invited us to dinner on Christmas Eve
                                                                       A random chair

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