Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Legit!

So legit i love it hahah. The branch is big cause another town comes here too and this weeek we had another primary program (two in a row!!) and 143 people it was sooooo crazy they told me that has like never happened. The sacrament room is so small haha people were standing and all the kids where on the stage. Legit. Ya mom ive heard about Los 33 it was really big here. Umm so we are the only 2 missionaries in the town and all the surrounding farms and stuff but there are like 5 other little towns (2 bigger ones and some smaller ones) and that makes up the zone with like 18 missionaries i think. There are 2 sisters in our branch but they are in another little town that comes to our branch so we never seem them expect for district class and church. 
My comp Elder Agudelo is from Bogota Colombia and hes 24. He got baptized 2 years ago and has been in the mission 4 months. His girlfriend is in the mission in argentina i think and nobody is a member in his family. Hes really cool, he likes to have a good time but hes really focused at the same time and already knows what hes doing. 
We have an investigator that came to church for the first time. Shes a members sister and this member is starting his mission papers. Hes really cool and his sister is a great investigator. Shes got a little girl, and the sister missionaries actually started teaching her in another town but now she moved here. There was also a branch activity with latin american culture and a sister from Ecuador made from fried banana and some kabobs and a few other things and there were things from Paraguay and Argentina. It was pretty fun and it helped me get to know the branch a little more. We did service for this sister in the branch and dug a trench to put pipes in and we were legit building a whole ghetto piping system haha it was fun. The bike was killing me and then we figured out my tires were low on air and we filled them up and now i love the bike haha. We went down the main road a little to some farm houses type things and everyone was sooo nice except for one guy that said One moment when we called his speaker thingy and then we called again and he told us to leave or he was going to chase us off with a gun hahaaaa it was rediculous. So funny, one crazy rude guy among so many nice people. ITs chill Batuco i love it. Everyone says im going to finish here haha.
Love you guys! Chaooo
Elder Farnsworth 

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