Monday, January 4, 2016

So my comp is Elder Halter hes from Clinton Utah (Ogden area). Hes legit! He likes to run and lift weights and he was working before his mission. He just turned 20 and graduated in 2014 with me! Hes super excited to work and learn everything and its gonna be a great change. I only have 1 pic with him haha but i think the office sent you guys a pic?? 
So this week was really hard because of new years and my companion got here tuesday night and we had to go to santiago for a meeting. There were problems but it was a good week and my companion was able to have his first lessons and invite a few people to baptism and learn a lot. He gets stressed because he wants to know everything but thats good, we just have to control the stress. We had a long day (while fasting) and we contacted someone and then we went around the corner to write the info down and check the next plan. Someone came up and said they met with the missionaries before and they want to listen to us again and start going to church and change his life. It was really cool and it was fun to see how excite my comp was because it was the first time he has seen something like that. Then on sunday, we were on the stand waiting to share our testimonies and a family came it. The branch counselor asked me quietly if they were our investigators and i said no. Turns out they are a part member family that wants to come to church now and there are like 4 people that arent baptised!! We have been praying every day and minute haha to have a baptism this change and I believe we will. Pray works, fasting works better and the spirit really guides us! I love the mission and Batuco and Elder Halter haha. Love you guys!
Elder Farnsworth
Random pic that elder williams got off before the APs yelled at us for taking a picture haha long story!

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