Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy One Year and a Baptism!! i am with one year in the mission. I feel...weird but good! haha its gone fast and i dont know where the time went. But thats awesome that so many are going on the mission now. Waiting for someone to get the call to Santiago North!  But Spencer is coming close to West mission so thats sick! Well for my feelings about one year in the mission, theres a lot to say but im not the type of person that says a lot so sorry hahaha. My companion asked me the other day if i feel more mature after a year. I told him that ever year of life, a person is going to change, hopefully they are going to get better and mature. But in the mission, you are going to change a lot more than in any other place. Im changed after just one year and i know a lot more about the gospel and other things in the world too. We teach that the church helps us be better people, not just with spiritual things but physical. I can physically do more things and im more independent. Im loving the mission and trying to live every moment to the fullest. I think ive found the way to truly enjoy it and work as hard as possible. Many times i fail im not that dilligent or pacient or loving or obedient but i feel like im doing what i can. In the scriptures, it says that every man with be given his portion to work and serve. It also says that we can run faster than is healthy. We have limits, and sometimes like Alma, i wish i was an angel to be able to help everyone, but thats selfish and stupid. God gives us the ability to help and do what we can, and we shouldnt expect more. I feel happy in my mission because i now know my purpose in life.
This we had a baptism!! Finally haha i know have very few baptisms in my mission (my second actually) but like my president told me, some missionaries plant the seeds, some work the earth, and others reap the fruit. But this time i could reap the blessings! We had the baptism of Rose who is from Haiti. Duma baptised her and the ward helped a ton! There was a surprise special number (4 men sang God be with you till we met again) and it was super awesome and almost everyone was almost crying (or already crying). Rose shared her testimony that she was almost killed when a car hit her but recovered from the accident and wanted to change religions. Her brother is a less active member and that is how we found her. She is so cool! 
My companion got called this week and hes going to the Juan Fernandez Island (Robinson Crusoe Island)! So i dont know when he is leaving but probably next week. My second companion in the island...The week was pretty fun and the next week we are gonna have 4th of July and my 1 year mark so thats crazy! Oh ya and i took a picture with a welding mask haha. Love you guys, I know that this church is true and that we can live together as a family forever because of the temple! Love you and miss you! 
Elder Farnsworth


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