Monday, June 22, 2015

Chile or Haiti??

 Feliz dia del padre! y feliz cumpleaños Katie! 
First off, womens soccer? are they playing womens soccer there? Here it is the Copa America! or the American Cup! Thats why you saw something on Facebook. Its huge, almost like the world cup. And its in Chile! When Chile plays, we have to enter the house stinks haha but nobody listens to us if there is a game so President Videla just told us to go inside and study. Its crazy cause you can here the screams of the people and you know when they score goals! And it smells like barbaques when they play haha. My companion is going crazy because he wants to watch when Peru plays but i dont let him haha, he gets distracted with every TV. 
its funny huh that Spencer and Brent are home now, i have a year in the mission and a lot of others are leaving now! Hey, tell Weston Birtcher that im here in Bastian (Elder) Pino´s ward. He´ll know who it is haha an elder from his mission in Peru. And my companion is from Tacna and he says that he remembers that Weston played the violin or something in conference or something idk! Small world! 
This week i have a cool experience that i want to share. We went to a lesson that was really important and we basically ran to get there cause we were a little late. We are knocking the door and calling and everything and they dont come out. We find out that they arent there and I dont know about my companion but i got really discourage. I was super tired and i just wanted to have that lesson. I starting to think stupid things like Why do i work so hard and never have results or what am i doing wrong. I just felt stupid i dont know. But we decide to visit a less active sister so lived close and we are walking there when we pass a man unloading groceries from his car. We almost pass him, discouraged, but i offered our help. He declined and my companion saying that we are always there close if he needed help. The man said something like but where are you normally? Or something i dont remember but then i knew that we needed to talk more with him and i offered a pass along card with our number and kind of joking said that we could wash his car or help with something else. I showed him the card with Christ and said that we teach people about Christ and how to have more faith and he said that he didnt need help but he was really interested in our message because hes looking for a church for his family. Hes super awesome and wanted to go to church without even teaching him but he didnt go. We are hopefully going to teach him wednesday, but like i said...Chile has a we will see. But the Lord prepares people to receive the Gospel! It was just what i needed when i was discouraged. 
A haitian family that we are teaching (with less actives and non members) is progressing a lot and we hope to have a baptism this week! Last night we finishing teaching all of the commandments and she said that she was ready for baptism. The less active brother got excited because his wife is coming back to Chile (she was in Haiti for 2 months) with the kids that arent members and they arrive just in time to see the baptism! Hopefully with them we should have like 10 haitian members going to church!! 
Im loving the mission. loving the scriptures and the people here. Its crazy the cultures i see here in chile. Even the Chileans from other parts of chile are different. I know peruvians, colombians, haitians, arabians (by the way their desserts are so good haha), argentines, braslians, and probably more and that doesnt even count all the missionaries i know. I love this gospel and i love the unity that we can have with people from all over the world.
Love you guys, 
Elder Farnsworth

A picture of Spanish class with my favorite haitians haha Duma (member), Rose, Fredo and Wilbert (investigators). Rose is the one that is going to get baptised now.

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