Monday, June 15, 2015

Hola fam!
QUE PASA BRENT ERES CIVIL AHORA JAJA dude thats crazy brents home. I wish i was there to celebrate but its all good you can just wait another year. Hopefully there isnt a nephew waiting...good to see pictures of the family! Emily looks tall! 
Mom, mwen con parle creole. mwen apramn pitsi pitsi. hahah ya im still trying to learn creole but i know so was so funny, in a lesson yesterday, our investigator from Haiti asked a question but in creole to Duma (the member) and he turned to me to translate but i asked understood!! soo im getting a little bit. hahaha. 
Well this week there were a few different things and we didnt have as much success this week but still it was a fun week. We had interviews with president (he interviews a whole zone at a time but once ever other transfer.) We had to close the church and we were waiting there (Elder Cordova and I and our Assistant Elder Banner from Idaho) and President Videla said that it was going to time a few hours more to finish so he invited us to eat lunch in a restaurant close the church haha. We were able to talk more and get to know him a lot and hes so funny! But then we had exchanges with Elder Banner for the day! It was a fun day. They showed Meet the Mormons in the church for the whole stake but we didnt have permission to stay..
Then there was Stake conference Saturday and Sunday. Presidente Videla and his wife and The temple president went Sunday! It was a good conference and there were a lot of people there. 
I filled my first SD card and this is the only picture i have on my new card. so here you go....elder cordova and i.
love you guys, keep being awesome, brent, no apagues tu luz misional amigo sigue normal pero sin placa y tambien c├ísate cuando puedas jajajaj! te amo amigo. Everyone else, keep helping the missionaries and doing your best to share the gospel. 
Elder Farnsworth

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