Monday, June 1, 2015

Guinea Pig!

We had transfers...but we both stayed! Elder Arce in the ward from El Salvador left...but Elder Garcia from Mexico came! My birthday was super fun! We had a few lessons in the morning and then in the afternoon, we went to the temple! Converts went and did baptisms for the first time and their family that arent members did a tour with us and Hermanas in the temple! It was awesome and we had a good time. A sister in the ward made cupcakes that day and was selling from her house (super common that people make food or something and sell it from their house) and she gave us some cupcakes for my birthday. Sunday, the lunch got canceled because the Sister was sick and Carito is in charge of finding us lunches and she invited us to here house to eat. AND WE ATE GUINEA PIG! Heck ya it was awesome. I was there last week when they killed it in their house and they saved it! Its a delicacy in Peru. It was so good. And they gave me a pie cake thing with pinnaple! It was awesome.
This week, on my birthday actually, i finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time in my mission. I understood it a lot more and marked a ton! It was so cool and we are going to do it again as a mission starting in July. Ive been asking every day for more testimony that the Book of Mormon is true to be able to know more and more without a doubt. I have seen so many thing and felt and heard so many things that testify that its true and i will never doubt it. We are trying to share as many Books as possible with everyone. We are asking for a ton of Le Livre de Mormon (french) for the haitians! We want a branch here in Quilicura haha they are so sick, they have so much faith. But we are just chilling here in Lo campino working like crazy with another transfer together.
Love you all see you in like a year! WHATTT!
Elder Farnsworth


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