Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola familia!
The california trip sounds sweet! Id love to get out of the city for a while hahaha but oh well for now here i am. Until i get transfered to one of the few zones that is outside of the city. I hope so at least lol...but for now im loving it in Quilicura. It is such a sweet sector. There are so many people to teach and help. And there are a lot of haitians so thats sick too :). We taught english in an investigators house (haitian) and they teach me creole, i teach english, and my companion teaches them spanish. Its legit haha i can understand creole now a little more. 
Wow Brent already goes home...i remember when dad and i went to LA right after his talk. and now hes coming home. And mom, im not lying, nothing has happened to me in Chile haha i already told you the gangsters are my homies. No haha but really nothing has happened. And i was in a dangerous part for 7 months..i think they are scared of gringos that talk weird. 
This week was crazy...again. I love this sector, we can teach so much if we are dilligent. We had a new record (in my mission at least) of 42 lessons this week (that includes lesson with members, other lessons, lessons with converts and less actives) and we were able to meet almost all of our goals for the week. I really don´t know what we did, the Lord just helped us find people in the right time. Now there is so much work to do that we have to focus better and plan the most important things so that we help the people that are really going to progress and less actives that are going to come back. 
Well i have a funny/awesome story. We ate lunch Saturday and we should have started our fast after but we were running to a lesson and we forgot. Later in the day, we taught a lesson and a lady offered us cookies and juice. We ate a little bit and then left the house. We remembered the fast and didnt know what to do so we went to the house and started our fast late at night (well like 730..). Luckily, the lunch Sunday was with a sister who had to give us the lunch in Tuperware, so we choice to eat it late Sunday to be able to fast 24 hours. It was pretty hard because we basically didnt eat anything for like 30 hours (with exception to a few cookies right before the fast) haha but we did it. Want to know what we eat to finish the fast? Fish, my favorite hahaha but it tasted so good after so much time. We really saw the blessings of the fast and the help that the Lord gave us. It helped us to be humble and keep working because we would have been too hungry if we werent working. I know the Lord blesses those who keep His commandments and try to do their best in all aspects of their life. I love you guys and hope that you can have experiences like this in your lives at home! 
Love Elder Farnsworth

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