Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh wow the wedding looked so fun! I didn´t even know what food you had but all I know is that i wanted it...Ugh I want food from home so bad. Wow that sounds like so much fun with everyone there, im so jealous! I can´t believe you had a cut out of me there haha boo yah. Thats so legit though. Ahh i wanna see everyone haha sounds like there was so many people! And Ale and Lexi came AND brought me a watch?! What! haha dang shout out to the coolest cousins! Hows everyone doing!? Man what luck with the rain! And a Samoan sealer how cool! I heard reggae from Samoa in the streets the other day and i was so confused but it was awesome! Dang everyone is leaving now what the heck. There are so many of my friends out or with their calls or gonna leave. Like literally Im going to get back in 2 years and there will be nobody cause i was more or less the first. 
Here we have conference in the stake center. Everyone does cause not that many people have TVs and Satellite. We always have the Liahona but im sure we can ask for the Ensign. I didnt know there was an article from Chile! Thats cool! 
This week was not as slow but still a little bit. Didnt help that you had your birthday and Allisons wedding! But happy birthday! haha sorry my photo is stupid. Last Pday in the afternoon, Elder Sovero twisted his ankle on the curb and it hurt him pretty bad so we didnt work that night and barely the next morning. Then we went to the Doctor at the temple because he is for all the Santiago missions. He doesnt really speak spanish so i was more or less translating for him haha. Technically Elder Sovero should be in a boot for 2 more weeks but he stopped wearing it after one day because he said it hurt and was annoying. Ha. I had one for like 2 and a half months! But then we had Clase de Distrito on Wednesday with out new district and district leader. He was our old Zone Leader so I already know him. Hes super cool and funny. Elder Hix from Wyoming i think. But we have 14 Elders in our District now which is really big! And 3 new missionaries. The next morning we did service for a lady who cant go to church because of her sickness. It was super fun with the 4 Elders in the ward. But we are going to change houses now! Just the 2 of us so we can be solo and actually live in our sector. But that will change this week i think. 
We had a lesson with a family this week and watched the Restauration video. They havent progressed much before this but the wife was asking if she could baptism her kids in our church but they are younger than 8 so we explained baptism a little more. There are going to go to conference with us and meet the prophet. Well not meet him idk how to say it in english. They said Queremos conocer al Profeta, so like get to know him or something i dont know hahaha. But it was a cool lesson. We had one of our investigators come to church for the fifth time and he really wants to get baptised so that is probably in 2 weeks because there is conference. So that will be cool because he was the first person i met in the mission field besides the other missionaries! We had a Home Evening with members and a investigator family and I think it was really successful. They are going to go to conference too! It is so weird here because conference isnt in your house on TV like it is for us. But Im excited! Hopefully I understand everything in Spanish. But nothing else really happened..a little slow still but the week passed so fast!
Im going to finish the Book of Mormon before the end of this transfer. Im learning a lot from it now. I see it a different light as a missionary. But the more I read, the more i realize the stories and the pride cycle of the people. Wickedness always comes when we lose sight of what matters. We are here because of God, what we should do is focus on God. THEN we can do the other things. Everything is spiritual before it is temporal. We cant let a day pass that we dont read the Scriptures or that we dont pray. There shouldnt be a Sunday that we dont go because we are lazy or dont feel like it. The Sacrament is so important for our week. There we renew our convents of Baptism and should promise to change something this next week. It is so important that we devote our time to Christ first. Please help the missionaries in your ward. This work isnt just of the missionaries. They cant do it without you guys. Priesthood holders, it is still your responsibility to help the ward and the church. Do this by going with the missionaries to lessons. Those preparing for your missions, go with the missionaries and learn from them. Thank you for all that you are already doing, and keep doing it. 
I love you guys and missed you a lot this week! Hope everything was good with company and the wedding!!
Love Elder Farnsworth

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