Monday, September 1, 2014

Hola familia!! Man this week flew by. But ya im healthy now thanks mom! No for your question about the office. We dont go there every week, we have Clase de Distrito every Wednesday and someone from the office brings all the letters and stuff to our District. But this week we didnt have it, but we had a conference with the Area President Viñas! He is like 70 and seems like hes 40. Hes so cool! But it was all about the Atonement and how we should use it to change our lives and change the lives of our investigators. 
But this week was cool, i dont know it seemed so short so i dont even know what happened. But we teach a family and this week we have a family and the dad had a birthday Tuesday and the wife Thursday. So we brought them some cake both days and that was pretty cool to just talk with them and get to know them and build confidence. I dont know, it was mainly my companion that really wanted to and he bought the cake too so i guess i cant complain. But we had some many interesting/funny lessons. So first something a little scary, well i was fine but like idk how you will react haha. BUT, we had just bought stuff for the house and we were going to lunch with the people with always eat with, and we saw this super sad looking man on the curb. Elder Sovero had just bought some cookies and he shared a few cause the guy was like homeless. We talked with him and he shared his story. Then since he was interested, we shared a quick lesson with him. When we started to pray with him before we left, i felt a hand pushing on my head really hard (cause we were sitting on the curb) and this man comes around in front of me. He asked what we are doing and who we are. Then he yelled at us to get away from 'his son' and said he hated gringos. He started like yelling stupid things like ''im spanish and you are ingles'' and said inglaterra which is England (i dont know...) haha but like he tried to show cigarettes in my mouth and was like going crazy haha but we just left. Oh and my comp tried to start to pray and the crazy man hit him when he bowed his head, so we couldnt pray. But it was like weird idk, i wasnt scared, but the Spirit left us so fast when he came.
And then we had like 3 lessons with other people who had really strong religious beliefs and they just called us liars and said our prophet gets paid a lot and we are rich but our prophet doesnt even get paid so? idk haha super funny. 
But we had really good lessons with families. We teach one family and they are soooo nice and the little girl reads so much of the Book of Mormon. They are super cool. And another family is part member but the mom is menos activo. Like 3 of them are atheist, but this last lesson, they were asking really good questions. And now they like have a desire to believe. Like right now they are uncertain but they are now willing to try what we say at least, so i have hope. We still have english class every Saturday which is pretty cool! Oh, and i gave a talk yesterday ayyyyyy! Bishop called the night before and its super weird, they talk about chapters of the Book of Mormon, not about topics or whatever like us. So it was super weird cause usually it is like 3 or 4 chapters. Bishop assigned me 12 chapters and my companion 3. So i went to work all that morning on Sunday and wrote some stuff haha. BUT, we get there and the Hermana before me starts talking on chapter 15 thru 18. SO when i get up there, Bishop says ''Only chapter 19 thru 22 now ok'' hahah! I only had 2 lines written for those chapters but i feel good about my talk. 
Man i guess thats it for this week. Its raining right now but all good. The photos are Elder Sovero eating in our study room hahaah and some of the clouds we had over the mountains. No sé what else like i forget everything haha. But ya, Love you guys!!
Elder Farnsworth

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