Monday, October 6, 2014

Hola Familia!!
Oh my its already PDAY!! But this week was so cool! Well mainly conference but ya ahha. To answer your questions first, Conference for us is everyone in the stake center for every session because there arent a lot of people with televisions and cable. And there is a seperate room for ingles. We went to two sessions in english cause my comp wanted to hear it and the room was full for spanish!! But for spanish it is just a voice over of the english. Except the 2 spanish talks!! And i understood more or less everything in the spanish sessions. 
The grand canyon sounds amazing and I was thinking about you guys the whole time! Super jealous and crazy good job dad! Less than 12 hours is good! I definitely want to do it a lot more when I get back. AYYY CHAD! Heck ya im so stoked. My guess is Germany for sure. Let me know! And im so mad, are you really going to rocky point this jealous again. But have fun! I havent got the package but I did get a letter from you guys, Dear Elders from Papa and a letter from the Hunters that says I cant open until this week! So im excitedly waiting that day. 
Elder Sovero´s foot is still so-so. We are moving houses this Wednesday I believe so i am excited to live closer and everything! 
This week we went to families as usually. One day, we went to one family and they gave us completos, and right after we had a meeting with another family, and they gave us completos! But some how I weight like 15 pounds less than the end of the CCM already and like 20 in total! They are so nice here, well some people haha. This second family that gave us completos made us balloon shapes (like the circus cause the dad knows how to) and made me a Mario and Elder Sovero a motorcycle! Haha that is the picture. oh the other picture is we made fried ice cream and french fries so i had to take a photo! Shout out to the HAKES for fried stuff haha. But this family is sooo nice. They have this HUGE cook book of like cookies and stuff and we likes some of the recipes so they said they were gonna photo copy all of it! Thats so much pages and stuff. So thats why i want one of our cook books from home to give to them. Its in english but they can google translate and I dont know haha its a problem but oh well I wanna do something.
We were really excited because they said they were going to come to conference and another family too, but last minute they both back out. We were so upset and stuff cause they are so good! But President Monson talked about how we are going to have hard time and walk the path of the Savior. He walked the path of disappointment and we will too. But also, he walked the path of service and love. We need to serve the poor (physical and spiritually poor). I believe it is Nephi, but i think Alma says something too, but they say, My tears watered my pillow at night for the unbelief of my brotheren. I understand. It is so painful to see potential not fulfilled. It is hard to have people not progress when you have so much faith for them. But Christ has the same for us. We have so much potential and fail so much. He has all the faith in the world, but we still have our agency to choose to follow Him or not. Please dont make the Lord weep and mourn for our wellbeing. Make Him rejoice in our successes. Make Him proud of our actions. We are the only people that can change ourselves. Choose now to live for our Lord and Savior. Decide today that you will live how God wants. I love you guys and Im so proud of what you are doing!
Elder Farnsworth
Have fun in Rocky Point send photos!

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