Monday, September 8, 2014

Ya I have PDay this monday as usual, but we are now changing NEXT monday to Tuesday and going to the zoo. We had a zone activity this morning and played soccer and ate and just hung out! I was pretty fun, but now we just have internet and buying food for the week! But thats so crazy all the stuff going on at home. Everyone is going on missions and being sooo blessed thats amazing! Man this is a crazy work and a glory haha but seriously, it changes lives. Like i dont know if we think about it enough. This gospel and knowledge literally changes our lives. MAN! But this week was so fast again. Everything just blurs together. Sorry if this letter is disorganized because i didnt write down stuff to email like usual. But first, what we have coming up! So the 11th here is really dangerous and there are riots because Pinochet overthrew the government or something i dont exactly know. All i know is my companion says we need to help everyone so if a crazy flite asks for help in throwing a makeshift explosive, we need to help. HAHA broma, no más ok! No realmente we are returning to the house at 6 that night and turning the lights off. And having a mini rememberance session for the twin towers with my American flag shirts! Seriously though dont worry. Haha my comp hates gringos. Not really but he always says every other country is better than the states. And for some reason this week he was angry like all the time haha it was so funny. He was ranting about how chilean food sucks compared to Peruvian food but it really doesnt. Sorry about the photo, i literally had no other one so i just took it right now. And the 18th is their independence day here and its like a 4 day party. So we spend all day in the chapel at a ward party and i dont know what else. Crazy these chileans.
This week we had a lot of lessons with families again which is always cool. None are technically progressing because they dont go to church but we are trying. So we offered to help the son of this one family with math and now they think we are like personal tutors...and Elder Sovero never denies. We spend so much time but hopefully it will build their confidence. We still teach clase de ingles which is cool and we have this one less active guy that comes every week. He is really nice but im fairly certain he is homeless so we always help him. This Sunday he gave me like 5 CDs cause he didnt know we cant listen to regular music. It had like the Beatles and stuff! haha i dont know what to do with it! But Everyone is super nice here. Man, Friday, one family gave us cookies and juice (everyone drinks juice not water) while we helped with math, then we ate Once with them (which is like fake dinner with bread and sometimes ham and always hot water and for us, herbal tea because everyone drinks coffee and tea but knows we dont drink this). Then we went to another family and they had a huge cake and more stinking herbal tea, and then another family and they had birthday cake for their sons birthday and Coca Cola. Same day as Ammons birthday so i ate cake for your birthday Am! Ayy haha but the only thing im a little mad about is wasting time at houses, we always always return home late, like 30 min to an hour late...and Im never reaching our goal for contacts. Hopefully we can change it though.
In my study, i learned more about the condesencion of Christ. It implies he left a high state to lower himself into a lower state. He was in heaven with the change to live happily there, but he lowered himself into a body of an imperfect mortal baby body. And eventually he made his perfect ascencion back to Heaven. I also was looking deeper into Lehi´s dream of the tree of life and the symbolizism. The iron rod is the word of God like we know, but the word of God is the scriptures. And what does the iron rod do in the story? It is the only way to reach the happiness of the tree of life or the love of God. We literally cant make it through the darkness of life without our life line the Scriptures. And with prayer, we can always have the faith to hold tight to this life line. I love the scriptures so much. Im almost excited for the 11th because we get to stay in and study so like ever. Ha 1 hour of personal study is never enough. But please, everyone read the Book of Mormon daily. I promised one of our investigator families this, and im going to promise you guys too. Read the Book of Mormon at least, AT LEAST, 5 minutes a day and pray before and after sinceramente, and you will know that these things are true. You will never desire to do any wrong once you understand the right. But hes the problem, Satan is real. Never let your standard lower to let him in. Nobody is perfect, but if we always pray and read, we will be alright. I know this church is true and i dont know how i could doubt it. I would be home or studying or fishing or something else if it wasnt true. But it is, and im here only trying to change lives.
I love you guys, hope all is well at home

Love Elder Farnsworth

OH i forgot! We had lunch saturday with members and they decided it was a good idea to have everything sea food.....First salad with locos which was muscle or oyster or something i dont know. Then a soup with like everything imaginable. I still feel a little sick. Stupid mariscos..I ate all of it tho. And they eat so much tomates here so thats like kinda normal now. 

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