Monday, September 15, 2014

Bueno im going to send more photos but ill explain these ones and total later but ya. First, we have p day today again. And we didnt go to the zoo because we got permission but we have clase de distrito tomorrow and it is usually wednesday. So we did something else this morning. BUT starting last monday night, we went to a investigator who is like 16 years old. He needed a little help with English so i was helping him. He knew so much already compared to everyone else here, but we were talking basics in english and i asked his favorite car, cause i saw all his car posters, and like now we are super close cause he knows so much about cars too. He is super cool. Then Tuesday, we went to this crazy ladys house again and she always says there are 7 gods but they all teach the same thing so we only have the Bible (Jehova). But she says my god is named Jim because im gringo. OK thanks for informing me! haha i love our sector, tanto crazy people. Then we had Conferencia de Zona and it was super cool, but it was from 10 to almost 6 so it took up like a whole day. BUT, i left the Conferencia with Elder Huber from my CCM group because we had intercambios and his comp is our District Leader! Entonces we had two nuevos in his sector! But it was easy. And we just change back the next morning so it was really nothing. Ok, now for the photos, The next day was September 11th so we had all the american stuff we could find between the 3 gringos and put it together. But like i said before, the 11th is crazy here. Pinochet like took over the government that day i guess so they have riots. They started burning matteresses and tires and everything right out side our house and everywhere!! We had to return to the house at 6 and stay there all night. They shot out the street lights with pellet guns and had real guns but we only heard those. The cops drove by and threw tear gas and we had the door open! It was awful but it went away pretty fast. I picked up a tear gas can the next morning, it is so cool! 
But the next day, i had another intercambio with the zone leaders! I was with Elder Hix from Wyoming, and we had some cool lessons. We found one guy and asked if we could share a message with him. He said yes so we shared a little about the Plan of Salvation because his wife died. They owned a little almacen which is basically a tiny gas stop store with the gas and they have them everywhere. They told us to return later and they will give us fresh empanadas. Later, they gave us empanadas, juice, soda, a sandwich and a sweet bread thing. It was all so good and they wouldnt take money! But the next morning we meet up with our companions again and like half the mission went to a service project that i think was world wide Church service day. We painted like a whole street out in the fields. It was super fun! I think my comp sent me a photo of the 4 of us that live together so i will forward that. Then sunday was good as usual. We didnt have progressing investigators in the church but we are trying.
Like i said, we are still working with families. One family, we set a date for baptism and they said they will read and pray to find out. Im a little bummed they didnt go to church but we dont know if there was a legit reason yet. And we went to another family last night and taught them the Plan of Salvation, Its cool to see the family members helping each other out and learning together. 
But today, we hiked Cerro Renca which is a hill close to our house. It was really steep but there is a huge cross on top and you can see everything. The other photos are from there. We had our American flag haha and these college kids climbed the cross and put a huge chilean flag on top of it so now there is one flying there! Haha we witnessed history. Not really, but they all wanted to talk pictures with us and with our flag. It was super fun. But Thats this week more or less! 
I was studying the Atonement this week, and also the question, Why are there people starving and others really lucky or rich? First, the atonement. Christ was choosen specifically for this role. We were never going to make it back with out him. We need to do our part, which is basically nothing. Recognize your sin, confess it to God, Change your heart, dont do it again, and accept Christ. He did the heavy lifting and knows what we feel times 1000. But it is just amazing to me what gift we have. And the other question is answered in the Sermon on the mount. The pure in heart and the poor in spirit with receive and see the Kingdom of God. God has his plan. We understand the general plan through scriptures, but our individual plans, no. All I know, those suffering through this life with nothing that they could possibly change, will receive their grand prize in the life to come. We need to live our lifes with this is mind. Humble yourselves before God and accept His will. We are only here to be tested, and grow. Other than that, we receive a body and wait for our perfect resurrected body after death. Study the scriptures every day and pray always. I love you guys, everyone at home. Thanks for the support. I feel your prayers and your faith. Amazing things are happing here, at home, and around the world. Thanks for everything!

Love you 
Elder Farnsworth

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