Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey family!
Ya I got Allison´s wedding anouncement. How crazy!! And your birthday is tomorrow right mom? Big week! Im missing a lot but oh well! WOW Jamis is going to St George? Thats so cool for him haha he almost came back to Arizona. And Boston with Jared! Man everyone is going! Uh oh..I hope it doesnt rain for the wedding haha what luck. It never rains in Arizona and now it has a high chance! Im so jealous about D. Todd Christofferson. That sounds amazing. And the topic about light in our lives is so cool. The scriptures always say that light is Christ. So all those things you said bring Christ into our lives more. Wow theres so much going on at home!
But here was crazy too. Well for us it was pretty slow...but this week was basically the 4th of July of Chile haha. The day is the 18th of September but they celebrate like all week. We went to an investigators house the night before and the husband was already drunk. He usually never talks but he was talking so much this time. He said we are all sinners and was just ranting so we couldnt really teach. But they invited us to lunch the next day so we went. Then he wasnt drunk haha and we had Asado and it was sooo good. That is the photos! We stayed there for a while but didnt do much else that day because everyone was partying. It was super slow. But the next day, we had a Ward Party in the Church. We were in charge of the games and it was really fun! We had pollo asado again but it is so good so im not complaining. There were a lot of dances typical de Chile and they were super interesting. Everyone is asking me this week what i know to dance cause everyone dances here. I was like uhhh oh well...Hahah and everyone asks ``What are typical gringo games?´´ but like literally they play the same things here and call them typical. Minus their kites and tops, those are different. But that was all day in the church and super fun! 
But this week was cambios! or Transfers i guess but nothing happened! We arent moving. Nobody in our ward is so all 4 of us are living together still. Elder Sovero is mad but i think hes starting to change his heart. Hes been here a long time in Cerro Navia so ya..But nope, nothing changed with us. And the newbies arrive so now Im in my second Transfer as of today!
We continue to work with these families and continue to struggle to get them to come to church. It is hard because they are so nice but just arent willing right now to put in their own effort. Alma 5:46 (i think, maybe 48) talks about working and praying and fasting to find our own answer. We all need to do this. We never completely have our answer, but we can continually grow our faith. Im trying to finish the Book of Mormon this transfer which shouldnt be that hard. But it is so important that we read from the Book of Mormon and the Bible daily and pray daily. I cant wait to see the change in someones life when they realize this importance. 
It was kinda a slow week so thats it, but i hope all is well at home! Crazy week this week, i hope it is fun! Love you guys and miss you a lot!
Elder Farnsworth

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