Monday, August 25, 2014

MOM! I couldnt watch the video, it like sent me to some Google thing and said i didnt have the account so i dont know how to watch it. Man im so excited for him. Orlando Florida!! Thats so sick! I wish i could watch his video. But oh well...The photos are of our house. We live on the 2nd floor and the other picture is out the window of our kitchen to all the tin roofs. Its on Mapocho Sur is the street in Cerro Navia and our chapel is on Galvarino. I dont know if that helps to find it on google maps. But i can receive pictures and videos i dont know. they have to be different i guess. But oh well. 
So this week was kinda dumb cause we had a lot of stuff that stopped us from working. We still have to transfer stuff from the old house, we had a service project which was kinda a waste of time, and it was raining a ton for one or two days. We tried to work but there was nobody in the street and we didnt have appointments then. We can knock doors causes thats like frowned upon here and also ever house has gates...its so weird. And im kinda sick..its like bronchitus or whatever. I just cough a ton thats it. The air is so bad here and it is cold. 
We had quite a few good lessons this week. We taught a new family for the second time and this lessson was super good. My comp said Si o Si, vamos a bautizarse haha basically no doubt, they are getting baptised. And also we went to an investigators house and her husband was talking with us and we taught him the first lesson and now we are going to teach them together. And one of our street contacts invited us to teach her yesterday. We taught her the first lesson and she started crying in it cause her son was a type of missionary for another church and now he doesnt even believe in God. I felt prompted to promise her that her life would have more peace and her son was figure out his life if she was willing to pray and read about our message. Then like 3 minutes later, the son (who is like 25) came in the room and Elder Sovero invited him to join us. He taught the first lesson to him like really fast, so technically it was two lessons. Both of them seemed touched by the message and i have hope for them. We are going back next Sunday. 
And a little funnier, we went to an investigators house that i didnt know yet. He was drunk at like 4 in the afternoon and he was asking me if i missed my family and stuff. He said now that he is my friend and new family. He took me on a tour of his little house while Elder Sovero talked with his friend, I was so scared honestly...I thought i was going to die, especially when he made me come in his attic with him. He made me sit down and he just like talked about random stuff. And he started crying about his life but like he was so drunk all i understood was that he has parkinsons and something about his son or dad i dont know.. I was terrified hahahaha. 
AND BEST PART OF ALL! WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE! BOO YAH it was so cool. And there was like a blue green light in the sky for like 3 seconds because like a power transformer or something blew up. I was Cooking eggs hahaah and it just started shaking! I heard there was some in Florida and Cali too? Danggggg my investigators better get baptised cause the second coming is here! haha nah but like it was so cool.
Miss you guys! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

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