Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The MTC group

Elder Jensen and the Latino Roommates

MOM!! Haha it says sent from my Ipad at the bottom of the email, i forgot you got an ipod! Ugh we are emailing first today and there is a rule that we cant take pictures except for during p day so i only have one. We never get to leave here except for Exercise and two hours of p day. But during our last week here next week, we go to the park and proseltye. Then on Friday of that week we go to the ghetto on splits hahah its going to be sweet. Sid! what the heck man dont get hurt! Haha man that sounds fun. I miss the outdoors so much. i hate cities and being indoors so im so glad i got called to the North mission. We said bye to our Latino roomates early this morning. Sad, they were fun guys. Spanish is coming really well! I can teach the lessons easy enough but basic comminication is a little harder because they dont really teach us that... sooo i dunno. But i can understand most of the time, except if its like a janitor or other worker that talks really fast and slurred. Im already talking in a Chilean accent and i drop my S sounds already haha oops. I got your letter on Thursday or something i think! about 17 days. It was super awesome to get that. Ummmmm but for other questions, my clothes are all good, except like one pair of pants is hemmed high for some reason? so ill figure that out. I missss pizza so much and crave all sorts of stuff..especially mexican food. I hate the food here now. It is the same nasty stuff every day. But even the teachers hate it so at least not all the food in Chile is like this. Wow is crazy how long ive been here but how short it feels. Im sending a letter today so it should be there when im like in the field! haha wow miss you guys heappppps everyone. Its not the same here but all the people in MTC are like another kind of family. But its never the same you know. LOVE YOU 

Elder Farnsworth

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