Tuesday, July 15, 2014

HI MOM. I sent some photos to Dad and Sid already, hopefully ill send more. Home sounds so awesome right now. I miss my friends big time. Nobody here is quite like them. But the guys here are all good. We just said bye to a bunch of cool elders that we came in with and including Latinos cause they only have to come for 2 weeks (that includes Elder Garner that we met in the airport). Tell people to send me emails cause I dont have anyones email! Man ive been thinking about Gator and Luke and all them about to leave soo much. Im so happy for them! Every get on missions pleaseee. Gator, good luck brotha I love you uce. I hear in some parts of Samoa they try to give priesthood to rocks and stuff hahahha. Luke, start spanish now. Please..just basic review and verbs, and read Predicad mi Evangelio in Spanish or PMG oops haha. 
We have class all day every day and thats about it. Sundays are always the best. Our teachers are getting switched tomorrow to people that speak less english. Umm for dinner or lunch, its always a choice of pasta, mashed potatoes, or rice with some kind of meat and or salsa. But not normal salsa like spicy salsa..its just sauce. Dad please explain it hahah everything here is bland. We are going to go to a Walmart store after this for P day. its Called Lidres or something but its owner by walmart. They have Mcdonalds and Pizza hut and everything down here. 
So i guess we had a tremor at like 1130 at night one night but it was small. And I have a cold which has been unfortunate but everyone has one. Im basically over it now. We teachs those mock investigators right? One of them said she knows she wants to be baptised in our last lesson with her! My and Elder Jensen were both so sick and didnt care but then we prayed and went into that lesson, and we taught her the plan of salvation (it was like our 4th lesson or something), and she was just so happy and said shes been praying every night and knows she needs to be baptized. It may be just our teacher acting as a investigator, but they are playing the role of one of their investigators from the field so it feels real. Its so awesome. 
It rained yesterday for the first time since the airport on the first day. We get all the new kids tomorrow but probably wont see them til Thursday. There are 3 from AZ! Repppresent! Man, I miss AZ and people so much, but its sweet here. 

Oh ya, we taught our teacher that barely speaks English how to say, Whats up yall haha

                                                          The "dungeon!"...or his classroom
                                                                         his room...
                                                     the mountains from the roof top 

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