Monday, July 7, 2014

He's Arrived!

Sorry, forward this to Katie and Allison and whoever, it is a spanish keyboard and the symbols are all over the place. It took to long to type email adresses and I don't know which emails they want. We are just unpacking and making our rooms and whatnot. There are 4 Elders in our room at the MTC or CCM or whatever it's called here, but all of them are going to the Santiago South mission. We met probably like 35 missionaries in the Atlanta airport, and that was just Chile missionaries. A ton of them were sisters. There were other Brasil Elders that we found. Most of them are going to Chile Santiago North. The plane ride was forever long but me and Elder Clarine (Preston) got the Exit row so we had more leg room. He's a cool kid, we sat next to each other on both flights but don't get to room together. Elder Gardner from Mesa knows Luke McCook so tell him that! There are a lot of kids here who seem like they know absolutely no Spanish. The van driver from the airport only spoke Spanish and he would tell us some stuff, and the other kids would just stare...useless haha and that was with the people speaking slowly enough for me to understand. I can look out our window and see the temple like 100  feet away. We are right there. It was raining a little when we arrived. It feels so good outside, kids are saying its cold but it's not. I´m not staying in the mansion that Joe talked about but a couple kids are. I haven't had any food yet, so we will see how it is. Nothing else really happened i guess so thats it!! Its cool here, i feel like i am in the states right now but we were driving it was definitely poor in many places and it looked like many parts of mexico. Thats it for now, no word on preparation day. 

Byeee Love 

Elder Farnsworth 

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