Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Im good, we just got off from P day. I got a hair cut hahaha i might be able to send a picture! But its sprinkling here a little bit. We got Latino roommates this week! One is from Peru and the other is from Argentina. They are hilarious. We kept all the same teachers but moved rooms! so we have a window now, thats nice. It was super foggy the other day too. There are a lot of new people but i dont know any of them. A couple from Arizona but I dont know. We go to the temple on Thursday. One of our roomates hasnt been through ever before. But this week as been really pretty much the same...the CCM is pretty boring most days. Its just hard work all day. 
We taught our toughest investigator this week and we have been really struggling with him. But we just read out of the Book of Mormon with him and the spirit was really strong. We commited him to Baptism and hes progressing. He doesnt want to pay tithing but we will sort it out. Even the teacher who plays the role of the investigator said hes never felt the spirit like that when we read in the Book of Mormon and taught him. It feels so real. My spanish is still coming well..I dont have all the grammar even close to perfect but i have a lot of words that i can use, and they can understand. It all seems the same here so ask any questions...


Elder Farnsworth

                                                         Picture before hair cut!

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