Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Week in the MTC!

Im on! We had P-Day on Wednesday this week! We email first so i dont have time to really take pictures of the city this week. I just had my companion take a photo of me right now before emails! Its raining outside so we will see how p-day goes...but the other picture is 2 of our new roomates. We have 4 new ones, all from the USA unfortunately. 6 guys in a small room with 3 bunk beds and 1 bathroom. But its fine. The one on the right i think is from Cottonwood Arizona. His name is Elder Banks. Hes got a cool story about how hes adopted and the family was LDS so he wanted to make them happy because they adopted him and his siblings, so he was baptised. Hes a goofy kid. We dont teach David and Carolina anymore because our teachers switch for week 5 and 6. They were my favorite investigators cause we had them the whole time and it was just fun. Idk but both of them are prepared for baptism! and if they were both real, they would have been baptised already! But now we have two new teachers and our morning one is the same. We have this cool Hermano Torres who is just a goof in the afternoon and this really strict teacher at night Hermana Alfaro. But she teaches us a lot and she talks fast so it helps me understand. I can understand her and i think like only one other kid can in our class. Everyone else says they just guess what she is talking about based off a couple of words. So i feel super confident for now at least haha but we will see in the field. This is my last email before the field! This week is supppper easy ahead of us too. Yesterday was the temple and today is Pday. Tomorrow we are going to the park for only a hour to just talk to people. Then Friday i think we go on splits like all day. Saturday is normal and Sunday is easy. Monday is orientation and Tuesday is the field! 
This last sunday was our first sunday all in spanish! it was cool. Everyone was like saying, oh i could guess what they were saying and what not but i understood...I dont know, im just really getting it. A lot of people ask me for help. My companion and I are only speaking Spanish now which is cool cause we learn more. Plus, he doesnt know a ton of vocab, so he cant just chat anymore which is cool by me hahaha. Honestly i hate the CCM because it feels like High school. Not the classes, just the missionaries. Most dont want to move on from their glory days in High School and this Division 3 football games haha nahh. But seriously, its been like a competition to be the coolest and the funniest still and i literally do not care. So i just dont talk to most people. And like everyone is from Utah and we all know how i feel about most Utah teenagers...ONE MORE WEEK THO! We took our final group photo at the CCM ill have the picture later idk when. And there are these sweet scripture leather cases that we can get in the field. We get them inscribed and I think for my LDM im going to get 2000 stripling warriors and Ammon cause they were like such champs and Ammons teaching to Kind Lamoni were like next to teachings of Christ on a scale of amazing. And for my Bible definitely the Red Robe picture of Christ and i dont know what else. But well see.
We went to the templo ayer and it was super bien. Like i hope i get to go a lot in my mision but i seriously doubt it. Oh well. But like this week, Ive been wanting to have such a strong testimony of Jose Smith because we always give the first vision and i feel power behind it but i want it to be no doubt in my mind. And like two days ago, i feel that is was true in a lesson with Presidente Doll that had nothing to do with Jose Smith. But again in the temple i just knew it was true. Its so true. No doubt in my mind. And before I had a desire to know that the Book of Mormon is true, like the same deal. I know its true, but i wanted to have no doubt ever. And i was laying down at night and just felt it was true. Keep a pad of paper by your bed cause thats usually the calmest time of the day so the Spirit can talk to you! I had a lot of thoughts then. I just know all of this is true. I challenge all of you to just read the Book of Mormon. Whether is 1 verse at a time or all in a day, it doesnt matter, Just read, and read it every day. When you read it and pray, I promise you, you will know that this Book is true and this Church is also. 
Thats about it for this week! Hope all is well at home I miss you guys! 
Love Elder Farnsworth

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