Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hola familia!
So the famous BYU pass haha ya Elder Simmons went to the same school as Tanner Mangum! But thats interesting that hes playing now! Wow mom what the heck..i already have to think about rooming in school? wow...but i still have time! And we got the package!! thanks so much it was awesome and especially for Elder Simmons who needed his glasses so badly. And thanks for the socks those are actually gonna come in handy! the brown sugar is gonna be awesome to make cookies or something! Love you all! 
So this week, we kinda figured out how to work with 3 people and 2 sectors! We had more success and found even more people! We are really stoked and hoping that at least one of these people that we find will get baptised in the next month or so. And it was something so small and everything but still a huge blessing, but we were eating lunch yesterday (oh ya Pday was changed to tuesday this week cause we had interviews with President with the whole Zone) and the family was less active right before i got to this ward. They are going to church a ton now and the Sister asked us yesterday when we are going to teach her son because he wants to be baptised! Hes 10 and he always goes to church but we were told that he was already baptised. 
This week if learned a lot of things. New doctrine, new attributes, and new experiences. Im understanding the importance of knowledge and also patience. Our mission has a slogan thing and its Suffer with Patience. Its really important for us to learn how to be more like Christ in every way. 
Love you all! 
Elder Farnsworth

Elder Paredes turned 25 this week so random pic with the pie.

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