Monday, August 31, 2015

Bathrooms and Hope

Wow sounds fun the week with Grammy and Grandpa in Mexico! Why does it seem like there is always so much stuff going on, birthdays, vacations, people going on missions! haha life is crazy.
So this week we pretty awesome! Seriously, like we just started monday really excited i dont know, a new change and everything but nothing had really changed. We contacted a ton of people the first day and had like one or two lessons. Then we had a really awesome Zone Class and idk just from there on out we starting having a ton of lessons. Well for this sector. We actually had 21 lessons which is like normal for the mission (well the goal is 20 to 30 lessons). We heard our zone leader (Elder Cooper who was Elder Simmons comp and i know him well too) told us about a story when he asked someone in the street for the bathroom and then they taught them and someone in the family got baptised. So Elder Simmons had to use the bathroom one day and we talked with this guy, then after a few minutes, he asked to use him bathroom. We went in and then taught the whole family (2 sons and the son´s girlfriend!) and they are super cool! I did the same the next day and some lady let us in and we talked with her for a while about what we believe! Haha it was sweet. We also extended 3 more baptismal dates and Elder Simmons says its been a while since they havent had anyone with a date. We were just finding all sorts of people! I was so happy the whole week and my goal in the begginning of the week was to develope the Christ like attribute of Hope. Well i think it paid off! And the best part is: we are in the church just before it starts, and 3 haitians walk in that we have never even talked too! They just wanted to find a church! they are so legit and we are going to teach their families this week! All the members greeted them and they felt so welcome. I know this church is true and i know that God does miracle if we just have enough faith. 
And the other elders in our ward had a problem so as of saturday we are in a trio for the rest of the transfer i think...weird but we will get used to it. Our other comp is Elder Paredes from Peru. My third peruvian comp...hahaha! 
Random other story, told we went to play soccer (first time after the rule that we couldnt play but now we can) in Galvarino (in my first ward!) because all the chapels have soccer courts outside. And i saw Hermana Irma (we lived in the second floor of her house!) and Karvic (this really awesome guy that we helped reactivate) got onto the bus with us!!! He told me he is ward secretary and he is going to get sealed next march!!! He has been inactive since he was like 14 years old and then he was living with his girlfriend (another less active member) with a kid but they got married when I was there!! I love them haha they are going to buy a house in the South of Chile and they said only Elder Pinilla and I are invited! 
I love the mission so much its unreal and all of you!!
Elder Farnsworth

Random pic my comp took of me when i was making corn dogs hahaha sorry dont have pics.

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