Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So transfers are next week mom we still dont know! But we went to the temple today and it was pretty nice to go and get out of the hectic world for awhile. Congrats Cooper for being ordained!! Love you man! And atta boy Brent haha thats a good return missionary! (Brent, Elder Espejo de tu primero barrio te manda saludos!)
Wow thats so cool that people that arent even part of our church pray for me and are worried. Sometimes the mission is hard but moments like this make everything worth it. So this week an investigator went to church for the second time and is progressing towards her baptism. They only thing is that she needs to get married and its going to be a little complicated (but at least she wants too). They is someone that has a lot of economic problems and they are really struggling. Some members met this investigator like one time, heard about their problems and immediately found what they could do to help. One sister gave us a bunch of food to drop off with this family, and another sister has a lot more plans to help. It was so awesome to see these people help someone they barely met. There are truly good people in this world, both the people that gave and the family that received because they never once asked for anything, they never begged or even implied that they wanted help. They sincerely just wanted to join Christ´s true church. I love this church. I love these people (the chileans, the peruvians, the haitians, the colombians and ALLL the foreigners that are in this huge city haha) and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that i am doing the best thing i could be doing and i hope that all of you can be guided by the Spirit to do the best you can. Love you all!
Elder Farnsworth

It rained a ton one day and we got soaked through even with rain jackets but a Sister helped us with her heater and hair dryer!!

Random selfie with Elder Paredes outside the Temple!

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