Monday, September 14, 2015

Hola fammmm!! 
Mom just so you know, we eat with different people here in the ward every day its legit they always have food for us! Its a good ward! Wow crazy that football is back again...ugh ive been here for too long everything is begining to repeat! Doesnt feel like a whole year. And we just passed september 11th again which is a dangerous day here but nothing happened this year cause the sector is a lot safer. And we are about to have 18 de Septiembre again which is like their 4th of July. And no i dont know an elder Lewis sorry..
This week, we had a service project. I think it was world wide service day? but every ward was supposed to find a service for the community and we went with our ward to a school that had shut down but now it is opening again. There was a lot of trash and leaves and plants and stuff that we cleaned out there. It was fun to help the ward and see how grateful the owner was. And it was nice to be in normal clothes working a little and sweating haha. 
Sunday we were sitting in church and it had just started (i was sitting in the front to pass the sacrament) and the ward secretary comes and taps me on the knee and tells me to come outside with him. An investigator (well a lady that we talked with in the street like a month ago) had arrived alone and i told her about the sacrament and that we had to help with that but that we were going to sit her with a family. Right as i say that, an Hermana comes out to go to the bathroom and says ``You can sit with me!`` so it was like perfect. Nobody else was there for Gospel Principles and the teacher didnt even come so we just taught her the first lesson there with our ward mission leader. She really wants to join the church but she rents from a lady that is like catholic or something and she wont let us in her house. So we are going to teach her in the church with her husband! It was awesome! 
The mission is going by fast, im enjoying myself and trying to work the hardest i can. We bought chilean tops and im learning how to do it! i have videos but they are too big to send. Love you guys a ton! 
Elder Farnsworth

This is how Elder Simmons reads..... and a pic of the service! 


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